Android Apps Which Will Make Your Life Easier In 2016

Top 10 Android Apps Which Will Make Your Life Easier In 2016

It is undeniable that mobile applications make life easy and fun. The best thing is that most developers create affordable and functional applications, which makes it possible for almost every Smartphone owner to download and use them.  Even better, the developers are innovative and creative enough to come up with new products every year. If you are yet to download any of them, here are some android applications that will make the rest of 2016 incredibly great!


If you have a lot of emails, this app is ideal for you. All you need is to create an account and log into all the emails. Anytime you want to view any of your emails, you will only be required to log into the CloudMagic and the rest will be done for you.

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Google Drive

Do you have a lot of data and have no storage for it? Well, consider Google Drive. It is a cloud solution available on android that helps you to store as much information as possible.

Google play music

Have you ever wondered how you can play local content and at the same time stream content? Well, wonder no more! This app combines the two aspects, ushering in lots of fun for the users.


This app allows you to take a webpage and stash it. You can view it later from henceforth.

Avast antivirus and security

You can trust this app to keep your devices secure and safe. It also comes with other features such as the remote data recovery feature.

Clean master

This app helps you to do away with the junk items in your android devices. As a result, the devices will perform better.


Finding good and free Wi-Fi can be daunting. This app allows you to track the best Wi-Fi spots in any given place.


Can you remember all the pass words that you use on the online platform? Well, this application is designed to save them and auto-fill them in some of the sites that you visit often.


It is important to be aware of the weather patterns in your area or in places that you plan to visit. It will help you to organize your schedule effectively. This app offers you a forecast of at least 12 weeks. It also offers you some related fun facts

Google Maps

No need to get lost in the world when you have Google Maps in your devices. Indeed, you can get access to interesting areas and get details about traffic by using this app.

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All in all, there are many android apps that will make your days easy and interesting.

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