12 Most Valuable Android Apps in Nairobi

After the hassle of trying to make a living in Nairobi, you will appreciate anything and everything that will make your life easier and fun. Obviously, you will be trying to run away from incurring costs in the process. The best option for you is to download android apps Nairobi. The most valuable ones include:

Magical Kenya android app

Tired of the noisy and busy city? Well, this app offers you ideas on some of the places that you must visit within the country.

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While there is a chance that you have been making M-Pesa transactions while within the city, do you know the details well? This app comes in handy, helping you to get such details as well as various pay bill numbers that may be useful in the future.


You probably may be familiar with the chaos of finding the right transportation method in Nairobi. Well, just download the Uber app and get connected to a cab driver. The best thing is that you will not pay a hand and a leg for the services.

Kenyan constitution

If you ever find yourself in a situation where your rights are violated, this app will help you.  You will easily find the specific details from the app.


It is a wise thing to get connected with other Nairobi residents through the social media. Facebook is one of the free android apps Nairobi where you can find friends.

Amazon Kindle

The best way to make a difference in Nairobi is to acquire knowledge through reading. This app will help you to find good books to read.

OLX Kenya   

It is a common thing for a Nairobi dweller to accumulate a lot of things in their small spaces. Others will transport them back to their villages, which is hectic and costly. You don’t have to be a part of this crowd! Just download the OLX app and sell the things that you don’t need.

KTN News

Being updated on the occurrences in the country is crucial while in Nairobi; it is the only way you can make wise decisions in business, politics, and sports among other issues. One of the best android apps Nairobi that you should download in this regard is KTN news.

Opera mini web browser

This is one of the most popular android apps Nairobi. It helps you to have an incredible mobile browsing experience.

True caller

If you are tired about receiving calls from strange and confused people, this app will help you.  It reveals the identity of the caller in a matter of seconds.

WhatsApp messenger

This is one of the-must-have android apps Nairobi. It will help you to connect to others and even create groups for a worthy course.

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Nairobi securities exchange app

With this app, you can easily monitor the securities Nairobi exchange

By downloading any of the android apps listed here, your life in the city will be easier and better.

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