Technology hubs in Kenya

5 Technology Hubs in Kenya You Ought To Visit

It is no secret that the Kenyan spirit is one that is characterized by innovation and creativity. It is particularly true for the ICT sector, where a range of products are being developed on a daily basis. If you wish to be a part of the Kenyan spirit and to learn from the innovators, you may want to visit the following technology hubs:

Incepted on March 2010, the company has grown in depth and heights to offer various services and products to the Kenyan consumer. An open community space is offered for innovators and startups to help them create incredible solutions for the technology market. You should visit the company if you are a developer, researcher, designer, scientist, creative or technologists.

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Innovation with the aim of bringing about social change is the main concept behind this hub. Based in Nairobi, the company was launched in January 2013. It has since fostered and catalyzed the development of various community-based initiatives. While professionals from an array of fields such as journalists and activists are welcomed in the space, innovators in technology-based products must not shy away from visiting the platform.

One of the biggest challenges for startups is to find access to capital and critical information on running their ventures successfully. This is where GrowthHub comes in handy. Situated near YAYA center, Nairobi, the company aims at coming up with a fellowship for like-minded people. These are inclusive of ambitious entrepreneurs, coaches, mentors and facilitators. By sharing ideas and getting support from the company, such individuals will change Kenya and Africa as a whole by creating unique and incredible solutions.

To encourage innovation in technology, the startup accelerator has been offering a 3-6 month entrepreneurship program. The company is driven by the idea of lowering entry barriers for entrepreneurs in ICT.

The narrative that technology-based solutions can only be devised by men is being changed in the contemporary world. Women have delved into the industry and made fortunes out of their enormous efforts. It is in this background that Akirachix was founded. It has been inspiring young women in technology to continue making impact in the field. Specifically, the company reaches to women at all levels, whether in high school, university or primary school.

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Certainly, there are many companies in Kenya that are working to come up with incredible tech solutions and services. Visiting them will enhance your skills and offer you tips on how to make it in the industry.


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