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5 Tips to Increase Your Earnings From Your Mobile App

In a previous article, we looked at different ways through which you can make money from your mobile app. If you have already developed your app, you may be tempted to jump right into it and start earning.

However, the reality is that not every app earns money. Some people apply the same money making strategies but fail to earn even half of their investment in developing the app.

If you are not earning from an app, chances are that you got something wrong in the development process.

We always advise that you work the best iOS or Android app developers in Kenya to ensure that you get the app right from the beginning.

However, if you already have the app or cannot afford to hire a designer, you can still earn from your app.

A few changes or updates on the app will get your target users’ attention.

If you are earning little or nothing from your app, consider these tips before dismissing your app as ineffective.

1. Choose a catchy app name

Before launching into the world of app development, realize that the competitor is stiff.

Millions of other developers are trying to earn from the same pool of mobile phone users.

Users have no time to spend on app stores looking for your app. Chances are that they will move to the next best alternative after the first trial.

Remember that the name is the first thing that potential users will see about your app.

Look for a catchy or attention-grabbing name for your app. Think about its function when drafting the name.

Users should get a hint of its purpose immediately after reading or hearing the name.

Right after choosing a name that describes or hints at its function, create a short and clear description of the purpose.

Use the description to display your app on your preferred app stores.

2. Short and informative description

App stores give you space to describe your app after the name and brief description. Use that space wisely.

If the name does not sell it or convince users about its benefit, the description should.

Consider it as your chance to persuade mobile phone users to download, install, and keep the app installed on their devices.

The description should be informative but brief. Few people if any have time to read a full easy on the app features.

The readers should read the main features before clicking on the “read more” button.

Most app users do not read past the first few sentences. A strategy that works for most apps is to list the main features in point form.

Potential users can skim through the list before making a quick decision.

3. Pick the right screenshots

Many people do not read the text in the description section until they see screenshots.

Users can determine if the app is useful or not with just a glance.

Remember that some of your target users have basic development skills.

In addition, some have already downloaded alternative apps that proved ineffective.

You can combine text with the screenshots but ensure that the final image is not clumsy.

The text should explain or name each feature on the screenshot. Remember that the app store will create a line up with the screenshots.

Hence, ensure that the images have a flow from the main features or interface to other pages on the app.

4. Differentiate your app

How different is your app from the competitors’ app?

Before launching your app, visit different stores for iOS and Android apps.

Browse the category of your app and see what your competitors have already done.

You may think you have a unique idea only to discover that another developer has already implemented it.

You can learn from your competitors but not copy everything you find.

Differentiate your app with a unique and appealing design. Ensure that it functions as good as you describe it.

Visit all the pages and sections and ensure that they are all functional. Remember that users will access on different devices with varying resolutions.

Development does not end with launching the app or attracting thousands of downloads.

You must update the app continually to include new features and accommodate the latest technologies.

Keep your users informed of the updates.

Sometimes users forget an app until they are notified of an update.

5. Advertise

You got everything right from the design to the name, description, and functional pages.

The next step is to make noise about the app.

Mobile phone users need to know that your app exists.

Remember your earnings depend on the number of users who click your ads, buy your products or services, or subscribe to additional features.

The more people download the app the higher the chances of converting them into sales.

If you have a business website, encourage visitors to download the app for a better experience.

Social media and email marketing can help get the word out at a low cost.

If you have enough resources, consider the traditional advertisements such as radio, television or billboards.

One promotional strategy that can attract hundreds of users is offering discounts on the subscription fee or items bought on the app.

Advertising goes hand in hand with a great design, offering solutions and constant updates.

Some users may download the app for the discounts or out of curiosity.

The functions on the app will them using the app. Hence, do not over-sell the app in your marketing campaigns or make false promises.

Focus on solving problems or meeting your users’ needs.

If the app meets their expectations and needs, you will have a constant flow of income from it.

Every business requires a strategy including making money through a mobile app.

Do not compromise on your choice of an app developer to save the investment cost.

Experienced developers know the best features and functionalities that will keep your users engaged.

Remember you face stiff competition from developers around the world and hence the need to create a unique and functional app.

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