6 Most Fascinating and Original Dating Apps and Sites

Finding a soul mate on dating websites is becoming popular day by day. Almost 50% of romantic relationships start from connections over the internet. However, the regular concept of the numerous dating apps and sites become boring too fast. Mobile apps consultants in Kenya will tell you that people move from one site to another fast.

If you dream of owning a dating site or app, you must understand the preferences of your prospective users. Some developers use their creativity to the max and make the world of internet dating a bit interesting and funny. The developers understand that some users visit the sites looking for true love while some just want to have fun.

Before you create a new website, learn what others have done before. Identify the missing aspects or unmet needs in the dating world. Your new app or site should meet those needs. Here are 6 original apps and sites that have gone further than just “Hello, let’s have a date!”

1. Love Arts

Our hobbies and interests play a huge role in forming relationships. This is the most important factor for some people. They want to date a person who shares their love in a particular style of art.

It is easy to understand such a point of view. A person’s taste in music, cinematography, and visual arts tell a lot about his or her personality. The preference should give you a clue on what to include in your app. Your preferred mobile apps consultants in Kenya should guide you in creating pages and content for your app.

The application Love Arts was created precisely for the singles who want to spend romantic evenings in museums, concert halls, and theatres. Besides the basic info about tastes, the users give other preferences in appearance, age, and religion.

2. Bumble

Both women and men think that making the first step as a male’s privilege is stupid and outdated. Ladies have many interesting tricks for meeting in their pockets. Bumble gives them the opportunity to express themselves on the dating scene.

The main rule in Bumble is “Women make the first step”. They approve candidates and it spares them from annoying and intrusive admirers. In our opinion, this app raises male’s self-appraisal like no other app.

A girl writes to you first and approves your candidacy. Hence, if something is wrong with your profile, you understand it and work on yourself. It also saves you time from sending multiple requests to other girls. Let’s face it, a big NOfrom a beautiful girl is still a big deal to many men.

3. Hater

Of course, love rules the world. However, it is quite logical to hate something. If the phrase “Oooh, we love the same colors, cakes, and music” sounds so sentimental to you that it makes you sick, use Hater. You may not believe it, but the objects of our hatred speak even much more than objects of admiration.

It can be literally anything: loud neighbors, incredibly slow traffic, black coffee, wearing hats, people without a sense of humor… The deeper and more original your hatred is, the more accurate match you get!

We hope that you are getting new ideas for a love app! It doesn’t always have to start with things that people love or like. Talk to the best mobile apps consultants in Kenya. You will soon gather many people who hate the same thing on one platform.

4. Happn

Every day we go to work, visit the same shops and cafes, and use the same public transport. We may not even notice, but we also meet the same people. Our eyes can even meet, a desire can suddenly appear, but you are too shy to approach and start a conversation.

With Happn, you can find people you have crossed with before. A handsome assistant in a clothing store? A cute barista? A taxi driver? Moreover, you can meet people you have never seen. The app shows you the same places you visit with certain people.

Take a chance! Send a message! You have used the same bus or shopped at the same mall as this person. Chances are that you love the same things or even work in the same premises. He or she could be the true love you have been looking for all these years.

5. Tastebuds

Music means everything to some people. They cannot live without it, cannot fight a desire to talk about it, and always look for a soul mate who shares their musical preferences. Tastebuds was created for them.

To be honest, it is not actually a dating app; you can find friends and get new recommendations according to your collection of albums (yeah, just like last.fm). Nevertheless, many internet users tend to find romantic relationships here.

The app was developed to help you find friends through music. You can make your choice depending on your music taste. You just never know! Your soul mate could be on the app looking for you! If you are a music lover, you now know where to find love.

6. Muddy Matches

Big city life is not for you? Then we have a good dating app with the help of which you can meet adherents and develop romantic relationships with them. Yes, you understood us well: Muddy Matches is a dating site for people from villages and the countryside.

If you have no plans to move out of your small town, but aspire to find a partner for serious relationships, this site is definitely what you need. Let us be honest, the city life is sometimes too fast and too noisy! You can find love right where you are on Muddy Matches.

There you have it! We have given you several options to find love. Remember that you can help others find love by creating a dating app or site. If that is your dream, consult top mobile apps consultants in Kenya. You will create an exceptional platform if you outsource development to experts.

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