Top 10 Trusted Mobile App Developers in Kenya

A good mobile app developer in Kenya should create a revenue-generating tool for your business idea. For this reason, people are looking for someone who can make their idea explode and make them a profiting entity.

By looking at the need in the market, there are companies that have gained a good reputation due to their commitment to quality app development in Kenya. These companies have mastered the skill of developing award-winning and user-friendly apps.

Each one of them has a solid foundation of top developers backed up with heart-winning strategies and exceptional technical skills. You don’t need anything else other than choosing one among them, particularly one that matches your specific business idea and needs.

Here are the top 10 trusted companies for app development in Kenya.

1. Muva Technologies

This company has a wide variety of app solutions meeting the needs of different clients. Muva develops applications for BBM, IOS, Java, Android and Windows phone as well. There is almost everything you need around the design and development of your app. Customizations are made based on your needs. More than that, the professionals will offer guidance to you if you are not conversant with the mobile app world.

2. TrendPro Systems Limited

This is a software design and development company based in Kenya. TrendPro Systems Limited provides user-targeted software for both established businesses and startups. They are experts in web development especially using Ruby on Rails. They have also established themselves in the mobile app development industry in Kenya with Swapp CRM Mobile app as one of their best projects.

3. Appological

Appological will not only develop an app for you but also follow it up and monitor how it is fairing in the market. The company makes applications for organizations and individual clients as well. They have offices in Nairobi and London. Among the key apps that they have created include Root Checker Pro and Betting Tips Chat among others.

4. Zoom IT Limited

This company has had a major contribution in the education, agribusiness and security sectors in Kenya in terms of app development. Through their expertise, the company has made agricultural activities easy, enhanced security measures and made education easily accessible.

5. Elan Telemedia Limited

With more than 6 years of experience in the industry, Elan Telemedia has established itself among the top trusted app development organizations in Kenya. The company has a team of professionals who are masters in apps design and development.

6. Smart Web Kenya

Smart Web Kenya started out as a web design and development company. Later on, the company diversified into the development of mobile apps mainly for android phones. The company has established quite a number of partnerships with several learning institutions and created learning and institutional apps as well.

7. Kenya Web Developers

More than doing web hosting services, this company has been at the forefront developing apps in Kenya and has, as a result, won the hearts of many. Most of their apps are inspirational and are inclined to conveying some positive message.

8. Litchman Consultants

A Nairobi-based Digital Solutions Company involved with the development of mobile applications alongside other website services. They are the minds behind such projects as Wakilipro and the Stock Brockers Research Portal among several other works.

9. Space Kenya

Any applications in the field of geography, mapping, location identification and allied aspects are in the heart of Space Kenya. More than that, they also develop gaming apps for use on android platforms.

10. Umptech LTD

Umptech LTD has also found a place in the app development industry in Kenya. They design and make applications for both android and windows platforms, serving different needs as dictated by their clients.

App development is a costly investment and therefore, making the right choice of uncompromised quality and delivery of your app is the best thing you can ever do. To be confident of your move, here are the top 10 trusted app developers in Kenya to choose from.

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The Top 10 Apps in Kenya as Ranked by Leading App Developers

Everywhere you go you will find Kenyans busy on their smartphones. Mobile service providers have been responding to this trend with flexible and affordable data bundles. What are Kenyans staring at for hours every daily? The leading app developers in Kenya have ranked the most downloaded apps in the country.

1. Facebook

Facebook remains the most popular social platform around the world. Kenyans have maintained the same trend for several years now. The network continues to gain popularity even after other social networks have been introduced. Facebook provides an easy way to connect with family and friends. However, a good number of Kenyans are using the platform for business. In fact, some sell their products and services exclusively on Facebook and make a living out of it. The app makes it easier to follow up with conversations with clients and monitor orders.

2. Whatsapp Messenger

A new wave of free Whatsapp has hit the market for mobile services because of its popularity. Unlike the traditional text messages, Whatsapp allows users to share photos and videos easily. With free Whatsapp, Kenyans can now share endless videos or photos with their friends. The app has also come in handy when holding virtual meetings. Whatsapp groups enable teams to hold virtual meetings, which save time and costs of holding physical meetings. In addition, Kenyans are also using the app to share images of their products with clients and build relationships. Some companies opt to add their clients to a Whatsapp group to keep them updated on their products or services.

3. Instagram

Instagram is another popular social network that has retained a high rank in the Kenyan market. The app has many functions but is mostly used to share photos and short videos clips. You will find users advertising on the app, especially new music videos and product photos. Instagram is popular with the young generation that enjoys sharing their lives on social media. Young adults document the most important moments in their daily lives in photos and videos and upload them on Instagram for their followers.

4. Branch

The times of queuing in banks to borrow small amounts are long gone. Branch has come to the rescue of many Kenyans who run out of cash in the middle of the month. After downloading the app, users can borrow money and pay within days, weeks or a month. The owners of Branch use the customer’s data on previous mobile money transactions to determine the amount to lend. Users can increase their loan limit by repaying on time. App developers in Kenya get multiple requests to develop loan apps because of their popularity in the market.

5. Tala Kenya

Tala is an alternative loan app that equally popular in Kenya. It functions the same way as Branch but the interest rates and repayment plans are slightly different. The loan limits may be different on the two apps even if the providers use the same data to issue loans. Most Kenyans borrow loans from both apps at the same time or use the loan from one to repay the other. With the current economic challenges in the country, the popularity of loan apps is expected. The high unemployment rate has led to a high dependence on loans even for basic needs.

6. Google

Google has become the first resort for all problems. Searching for information on a mobile device is easier with the Google app. Google is still the most popular browser and installing the app gives mobile phone users a better experience. The popularity of the browsers opens a platform for companies to advertise their products. It is hard to use any app without ads popping up every few seconds. Kenyans also use Google to follow the latest news in the country and around the world.

7. Messenger

Facebook owners provide an alternative way of chatting on the platform. The Messenger app has transformed the way of communicating on Facebook. Many people spend a lot of time chatting other than going through their news feed. Messenger serves this category of Facebook users and provides a platform to interact without the interruption of new status updates. The app is also popular among business owners because of the instant notifications of new messages from clients.

8. Facebook Lite

The Facebook app uses a large part of the storage space in a mobile device and has a high data consumption rate. The constant updates on the newsfeed use lots of data, which is expensive. Kenyans opt for Facebook Lite, which is low in data consumption and lighter than the Facebook App. The interface has similar features at the Facebook App but graphics are slightly different. For Facebook users that are keen on data consumption, Facebook Lite is the perfect app.

9. Uber

Uber is a popular taxi service in different parts of the world. Its entrance to the Kenyan market transformed the transport industry, especially for the segment that uses taxis almost every day. Kenyans can get an affordable taxi ride via the Uber app. The app saves users the pain of walking around looking for a taxi and negotiating the cost. The cost varies with the time of the journey. Both the driver and rider can track the cost throughout the journey. At the destination, the rider uses the integrated payment method to pay for the ride.

10. Taxify

Taxify is an alternative taxi app that is considered as Uber’s top competitor in the Kenyan market. The two apps function in the same way but Taxify rides are slightly cheaper. Consequently, Taxify drivers earn lower commissions than Uber drivers. Despite the difference in earnings, Taxify is gaining popularity among taxi drivers. The good thing about the taxi apps is that drivers can switch on and off the network when unavailable to work.

The list of top apps in the country is not just a show of popularity but an indication of the needs in the market. You can use the list to come up with a new idea and actualize it with the help of top app developers in Kenya. Sometimes improving on an existing idea has better results than initiating a new product in the market. For instance, you can develop an alternative app to any of the listed apps with better and differentiated features.

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Top 10 Dating Apps in Africa

The majority of internet users in Africa access the internet on their mobile phones. The trend has led to thousands of mobile applications. The first generation of mobile applications in Africa targeted basic services such as banking and health services. However, current applications target economic, political, and social sectors including dating. In the past, people turning to dating websites to connect with other singles looking for love. Mobile dating apps are slowly overtaking dating websites. Most of the apps target mobile phone users in specific countries or regions. The most popular dating apps in Africa are outlined below:


The Los-Angeles based app is popular in South Africa. The app is also gaining popularity in East Africa countries, especially in Kenya. The app has a simple user interface and allows users to share real-time photos as they chat with their match. Active app users get up to 100 matches in a month.


The app targets gay men who prefer to date privately. Most African societies are conservative about same-sex relationships and marriages. Hence, Grindr has gained popularity because it offers gay men an alternative way of meeting and building relationships. Kenya is among the top users of the app. The developers claim that it is the safest gay dating app in Kenya and Africa.


The dating app has more than 13 million users in the world. One of the features that attract users to the app is the five-minute video dates. Users can go on a virtual date with their matches for five minutes on the app. Kenya is among the top African countries with many active users on the app.


Some people use dating sites and apps for fun. Such people are not interested in committed relationships or meeting a lifetime mate. BeNaughty is popular among these internet users. Users can vote for the best members and participate in such competitions. The downside of the app is that many users create multiple fake profiles for the fun of it.


Lovoo ranks among the top-grossing social networks in Africa. The app is an extension of the German dating website. One of the unique features of the app is that users connect with other users within their vicinity.


More than 25 million people in the world use Zoosk. The app has a behavioral matching engine that connects users with their perfect matches. The app ranks number 3 among highest-grossing iPad apps in Kenya.


The dating app helps its users to meet new friends and find love through chat messages. Users can locate potential dates in their location using a map on the app. The app enables singles to identify other local singles within their geographical location.

Are You Interested (AYI)

AYI is one of the most popular dating apps in Africa. The developers target mature singles interested in finding love. The app is integrated with Facebook and so users must create profiles on both social platforms. Users can share photos and see other users who are interested in them on the app. Access to Facebook profiles gives users more information about their potential dates.


OkCupid gets more than three million new visitors every month and ranks high among the most popular African social networking applications. South Africans are the most active users of online dating sites and apps on the continent. However, the app has also spread to East and West African countries.


Tagged is one of the leading apps where people meet new friends, chat, and flirt. The app has more than 300 million registered users. Tagged is among the popular paid-up social networking apps. The app stands out because it has a playful atmosphere where people can meet and play social games.

Final Remarks

You are guaranteed to find some love with all these apps in the market. The big question is, does internet love lead to a serious relationship? Click here to find out more before you start looking for love online.

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Mobile App Reviews: A Review of the Glovo App in Kenya

Entrepreneurs in Kenya have now mastered the art of online selling. Buyers have gained a significant level of trust in some online sellers. Kenyans are more willing than before to take risks and order for products online. The greater challenge now is delivering products in good condition to customers at the right time.

Apps like Glovo meet this need. Sacha Michaud and Oscar Pierre co-founded the Glovo Company in 2015 in Barcelona. The Spanish start-up has managed to build a competitive brand and penetrate the international market.

The concept from the start was to provide on-demand courier services to customers for all types of product. However, food delivery has overtaken other types of delivery via the app. Glovo is available in 20 countries around the world including Kenya.


Glovo launched its operations in Nairobi in the first quarter of 2019. Here are the top features that users enjoy on the app:

1. Speed

You can order for anything from a supermarket, store, or restaurant and have it within minutes. Glovo emphasises on delivering anything that customers order “within minutes.” When you order for a product, the nearest courier receives the order and considers the nearest seller. The courier will buy and deliver it within the shortest time possible.

The promise to deliver within minutes has proved true in some cities and for some clients in Nairobi. While the app owners do their best to keep this promise, sometimes a delay may occur when a product is unavailable.

Sometimes the courier has to try several stores and probably wait in line to serve some orders. However, for some products that are readily available or already packed, the couriers deliver within minutes.

2. Low cost

Buying products online makes sense to customers if the delivery cost is reasonable. Otherwise, they might as well walk or drive to a store and get the products at a reasonable price. Glovo understands this concept and offers affordable courier services.

The delivery charge within Nairobi is likely to range from Ksh.50 to 100. The charge may be higher depending on your location and order. Imagine escaping the long queues in supermarkets for a hundred shillings. Some items are delivered at no cost within Nairobi’s CBD.

The cost begins to make sense when you think of the time you spend getting a good seat in a restaurant, ordering for food and drinks and then eating. You know how restaurants keep you waiting for a “special order?” Well, you can save time, order the same dish, and keep working while the food is delivered to your doorstep.

3. A wide range of services

Most people think of food delivery but the Glovo app in Kenya offers more than food. Well, food delivery is a big part of the business but you can order anything on the app. For instance, you can order for any item from a registered supermarket like Naivas.

The app is not only an opportunity for buyers to get products delivered easily and at a reasonable rate. Glovo has opened opportunities for couriers to earn from the app. Stores have an opportunity to maximise sales without worrying about deliveries.

4. Easy Ordering Process

The process of ordering an item is simple. After downloading the app, you create an account and proceed to order. You can use your Facebook account to log in. The app requests you to select your location.

You will then proceed to the next interface that shows the categories of registered partners. The best of restaurants in Nairobi’s CBD are listed on the app. Go through the menu of the items offered by each partner.

An alternative ordering process is clicking on “anything” and specifying the product you need. The app has restriction on the size and weight of the items you can order. With this option, you need to specify if the courier will pay for the item or not.

5. Tracking Orders

You can track your purchased item in real-time. In other words, you can tell the exact time when the courier will arrive at your location. Tracking is much easier than calling a delivery person every 5 minutes to find out when they will arrive.

As you track you can also tell if the courier got the directions right. You will not sit and wait for an item while the courier is moving in the opposite direction. If you have ever tried to track items with a phone call or text messages, you will appreciate the tracking feature in Glovo app in Kenya.

6. Favorite items

Let us say you like a certain dish from a specific restaurant. When you order it the first time, you can add it to your list of favourite items. The next time you log into the app to order, the app suggests your favourite items first. The list saves you minutes of scrolling through unwanted items and stores.

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Customer Feedback

As app developers, we can look at the functionality of an app and recommend it based on its features. The truth is that the developers have done a great with the simplicity of design and great user experience. However, we need to consider the actual experience of customers who have ordered products via the app.

Happy users

The app has a 3.7 rating on Google Playstore. The majority of about 130,000 users that left a review after using it gave a 5-star rating. The experience is different depending on the item that a customer ordered.

Users seem to have a great experience with the interface and ordering process. The partners registered on the app offer quality products, which is important when ordering for items online. Most customers got the items they ordered for as described.

Unhappy users

The app is relatively new in the market. Although the developers say that you can order from any part of Nairobi, couriers do not deliver to some parts of the city. In addition, some customers complained that the estimated time of delivery was inaccurate.

Some customers had to wait for more than an hour to get their items. A few customers have also complained about bugs when trying to order for any item. Based on the reviews, the customer support team is slow in responding to complaints from customers.


Glovo App in Kenya is a game-changer in the country’s online business and logistics. The app is easy to use in terms of ordering and tracking items. The delivery time may not always be accurate. However, based on customer reviews, the couriers are doing a great job of delivering products within the shortest time possible. App developers in Kenya take the challenge to keep up with such competitive apps from international developers.

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6 Most Fascinating and Original Dating Apps and Sites

Finding a soul mate on dating websites is becoming popular day by day. Almost 50% of romantic relationships start from connections over the internet. However, the regular concept of the numerous dating apps and sites become boring too fast. Mobile apps consultants in Kenya will tell you that people move from one site to another fast.

If you dream of owning a dating site or app, you must understand the preferences of your prospective users. Some developers use their creativity to the max and make the world of internet dating a bit interesting and funny. The developers understand that some users visit the sites looking for true love while some just want to have fun.

Before you create a new website, learn what others have done before. Identify the missing aspects or unmet needs in the dating world. Your new app or site should meet those needs. Here are 6 original apps and sites that have gone further than just “Hello, let’s have a date!”

1. Love Arts

Our hobbies and interests play a huge role in forming relationships. This is the most important factor for some people. They want to date a person who shares their love in a particular style of art.

It is easy to understand such a point of view. A person’s taste in music, cinematography, and visual arts tell a lot about his or her personality. The preference should give you a clue on what to include in your app. Your preferred mobile apps consultants in Kenya should guide you in creating pages and content for your app.

The application Love Arts was created precisely for the singles who want to spend romantic evenings in museums, concert halls, and theatres. Besides the basic info about tastes, the users give other preferences in appearance, age, and religion.

2. Bumble

Both women and men think that making the first step as a male’s privilege is stupid and outdated. Ladies have many interesting tricks for meeting in their pockets. Bumble gives them the opportunity to express themselves on the dating scene.

The main rule in Bumble is “Women make the first step”. They approve candidates and it spares them from annoying and intrusive admirers. In our opinion, this app raises male’s self-appraisal like no other app.

A girl writes to you first and approves your candidacy. Hence, if something is wrong with your profile, you understand it and work on yourself. It also saves you time from sending multiple requests to other girls. Let’s face it, a big NOfrom a beautiful girl is still a big deal to many men.

3. Hater

Of course, love rules the world. However, it is quite logical to hate something. If the phrase “Oooh, we love the same colors, cakes, and music” sounds so sentimental to you that it makes you sick, use Hater. You may not believe it, but the objects of our hatred speak even much more than objects of admiration.

It can be literally anything: loud neighbors, incredibly slow traffic, black coffee, wearing hats, people without a sense of humor… The deeper and more original your hatred is, the more accurate match you get!

We hope that you are getting new ideas for a love app! It doesn’t always have to start with things that people love or like. Talk to the best mobile apps consultants in Kenya. You will soon gather many people who hate the same thing on one platform.

4. Happn

Every day we go to work, visit the same shops and cafes, and use the same public transport. We may not even notice, but we also meet the same people. Our eyes can even meet, a desire can suddenly appear, but you are too shy to approach and start a conversation.

With Happn, you can find people you have crossed with before. A handsome assistant in a clothing store? A cute barista? A taxi driver? Moreover, you can meet people you have never seen. The app shows you the same places you visit with certain people.

Take a chance! Send a message! You have used the same bus or shopped at the same mall as this person. Chances are that you love the same things or even work in the same premises. He or she could be the true love you have been looking for all these years.

5. Tastebuds

Music means everything to some people. They cannot live without it, cannot fight a desire to talk about it, and always look for a soul mate who shares their musical preferences. Tastebuds was created for them.

To be honest, it is not actually a dating app; you can find friends and get new recommendations according to your collection of albums (yeah, just like Nevertheless, many internet users tend to find romantic relationships here.

The app was developed to help you find friends through music. You can make your choice depending on your music taste. You just never know! Your soul mate could be on the app looking for you! If you are a music lover, you now know where to find love.

6. Muddy Matches

Big city life is not for you? Then we have a good dating app with the help of which you can meet adherents and develop romantic relationships with them. Yes, you understood us well: Muddy Matches is a dating site for people from villages and the countryside.

If you have no plans to move out of your small town, but aspire to find a partner for serious relationships, this site is definitely what you need. Let us be honest, the city life is sometimes too fast and too noisy! You can find love right where you are on Muddy Matches.

There you have it! We have given you several options to find love. Remember that you can help others find love by creating a dating app or site. If that is your dream, consult top mobile apps consultants in Kenya. You will create an exceptional platform if you outsource development to experts.

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