10 Reasons Why Blogging will Help Kickstart Your Startup

The biggest challenge for any startup is to meet the first clients and to convince them to buy products. Actually, it takes time, courage, and tactic for such entities to make profits within the first few months of operations. Nonetheless, you can have an easy way out by building a site and engaging in blogging. Doing so will come with many benefits including:

Getting the ideas before spending all the resources

If you write interesting blogs, there is likelihood that clients will respond to your piece and make comments. Analyzing such information will help you know where to channel your resources and hence achieve cost effectiveness in business.

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You can find a partner easily

Blogging will attract people who have the same interests as you do. You can get more resources, experience and skills necessary to kick start your venture in this process.

Organic traffic

Blogging does not only draw clients to a site, but it also gives them a reason to stay. They may make purchases as they regularly visit the site.

It creates a forum for interaction

Undeniably, most clients would want to communicate with their businesses owners in a better way.  Through blogging, the clients have a chance to make comments and get quick responses.

Boosting search engine rankings

Blogging helps draw traffic in a site, which in turn will help a startup rank well in the search engines. This comes with more sales and profits for a business person.

Attracting new employees

As you write about different concepts in business, your potential employees will be reading your content regularly. They will in the process see your leadership capacities and get interested in your business.

Enhancing social media marketing

You will most likely want more people to read your blogs and thus, you may link such information n to various social media platforms. This helps you to market your products to a wider audience.

Conveying your core message

Blogging enables you to stand out from the business crowd. You have a chance to craft a message that assures your potential clients that they will get something different after choosing your company.

Beating the competition

It is no brainer that many other startups will be trying to market their products online at the same time as you do. However, you can be on top of the game if you observe what they are lacking and come up with blogs to address the issue.

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Giving you a voice

Whenever you launch a new product, blogging will speak loudly about it.

Clearly, blogging will help a startup to grow within a short time and to remain sustainable in the long-run.


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How to Get Perfect Startup Ideas in Kenya

The rate of unemployment in the Kenya is worrying. In fact, the young as well as the old are accepting the reality that getting a well-paying job is difficult. In the meantime, they emphasis is being laid by different organizations and government agencies on starting as many enterprises as possible in the country. If you have been considering walking in such a path, you must come up with a unique idea in order to make it in the country. Here are some tips on how to get ideas for a startup:

  • Soul searching startup ideas

Understanding what you want from life is a good place to start when searching for a startup idea. The process starts with answering a number of questionings including-What is it that you want to get out of life? Are there things that you don’t want to see in your community? What is the motivation behind starting your venture? As you answer these questions, you are likely to get a pattern of responses and a crystal clear startup idea will be formed in the long run.

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  • Researching startup ideas

The most important part of getting an idea is to have all the facts right. To achieve this, research is critical; you will be in a position to find out if there are gaps in the market and at the same time get information on how to solve the problems.

  • Consider the resources at your disposal for your startup idea

Many startup ideas do not fail because they are not perfect. Rather, the owners fail to consider the resources available when getting into the ventures. Do not follow such suit but rather, consider whether you have the capital, special skills, work force, experience, time and the right connections. Put differently, you must have the capacity and resources to build an idea

  • The depth of the well matters more

You should offer a product that a few people need in larger amounts. This way, you will understand your client’s needs in a better way and at the same spend fewer resources. It also means that you will have a chance to expand in the market- slowly but surely.

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  • Get the feedback first of your startup idea

Regardless of how incredible your idea is, it should make money for you so that the venture remains sustainable. As such, before you commit all your resources in a startup, get honest feedback from the people around you to test whether your idea is feasible.

Precisely, it is possible to come up with actionable and profitable startup ideas in Kenya. All you need is to do research, focus on your passions and consider the available resources. You should also focus on the depth of the idea and seek for a different opinion.

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Mobile Application Designers Revolutionizing Africa’s Economies in 2016

The most incredible mobile apps are built around the concept of user experience. A good designer will, therefore, do their research and understand the needs of potential clients before creating an app. In Africa, there are a number of designers who mastered this art and have revolutionized the economy in 2016 to a great length. Here are some of them:

The Kenyan based designers have been designing apps for many companies and individuals. Their products are known for functionality and backend features to help users manage apps effectively. Further, the apps are customized to suit user’s preferences. With the products offered by the company, any business person in Kenya can market their products well, achieve profitability, and help build the economy.

The designers create apps that assist small businesses to get into the online platform in split seconds. Just by following some simple steps, businesses can create fast loading and mobile optimized sites in an apps form.  Such sites are then marketed through the social media to ensure that potential clients can offer their feedback and stay connected. In the ultimate, the products offered by the company will help turn small businesses in Africa into profitable entities with an ability to employ thousands of people.

The Nigerian film industry has grown in depth and provided a means of livelihood for many Africans. Creating an app that informs the fans of such films is therefore worthwhile. In this light, the Fans Connect Online Limited has created the afrinolly apps, which enable users to watch their favorite movies from their phones. Interviews of the biggest starts in the country can also be viewed after downloading the app

Agriculture plays an important role in the growth and development of the African economy. With the M-Farm app, it is possible for farmers to get updated information of prices of various agricultural products and inputs. The CEO and founder of the app is Jamila Abass.

E-commerce has the potential to build economies in African and around the world. This is because of the convenience that comes with the process, coupled with the ability to reach to as many people as possible in a cost-effective way. Business people can, therefore, market their products at the local and international markets. The enhanced trade will eventually lead to more investments in an economy.  VCpay apps are designed to help clients in South Africa who have no credit cards or bank accounts to buy products on the online platform.

Offering loans to the entrepreneurs in Africans can help communities to raise their standards of living.  It is for this reason that Kpegba created an app known as OMobileFunding app, which is a mobile crowd funding platform designed to help people access finances for their ventures. The designer, who was born in Togo, is determined to change her country through technology and innovation.

Certainly, Africa will face a remarkable revolution as mobile apps designers continue to come up with products that will solve various issues in the economy. Encouraging innovation and creativity in the sector is, therefore, imperative.


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Positive and Negative Impact of the Social Media to Businesses in 2016

The modern media is no longer confined to newspapers, radio and television. Rather, it has evolved to include the digital platforms and the social media. Indeed, people can now get pertinent information just by logging in to their social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter accounts among others. While the businesses will gain have a lot to gain from the platform in 2016, they will also have to be prepared for the related negative impacts.

Positive Impacts

  • Disseminating information faster

Instead of going to a media station and waiting for days before an advert reaches to the targeted audience, the social media makes it possible for a business person to disseminate information easily and efficiently. If well advertised, vital information about a business can reach to as many people as possible within minutes. The end result is increased sales and profitability.

  • Understanding the needs of the clients

The response by potential and existing clients on social media is, more often than not, instant. A client who is not thrilled by a product will not only express their displeasure, but they will also give information as to what should be changed in a product. A wise business person will use such data to make the necessary changes.

  • More options

Unlike in the case of traditional advertising, there are different ways of packaging information on the social media platform. Using various techniques, it is possible to combine audio, visual and text to come up with the most appealing advert ever.

  • Beating the competition while saving on costs

A business can easily beat their competition by coming up with an aggressive marketing campaign. Using the platform, they can research on the rival’s strategies and devise different ways of advertising and marketing their products.  The best thing is that the course is cost-effective.

Negative Impacts

  • Difficulties of containing negative information

Misleading information can easily be spread through the social media. While a business person can track the source of the information and address the problem, it can be difficult to contain it before any damage is done. Specially, by the time a business person takes legal measures on the person or organization spreading such information, their reputation and profitability is likely to be affected negatively.

  • Release of confidential information

Accidentally, it is possible for a business to release confidential information about a client or regarding its operations. This will ruin a business competitive advantage.

  • Hacking

Many businesses have fallen victims of hacking of their important infraction by other businesses and malicious people. Confidential information can then be disseminated to the public, which may in turn affect a business’ reputation and competitive advantage.

Clearly, the social media platform has both the negative and positive impacts on a business. As such, ensuring that risk assessment and management is done in advance is crucial in dealing with the negative impacts. At the same time, businesses should take advantage of the fact that the platform has a capacity to help a business achieve profitability and sustainability in the long-run.


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