Extra Costs You Will Incur After Launching a Mobile App

Most meetings between app developers in Kenya and their clients revolve around launching a new product.

Let’s say you need a new app for your business or a developer to execute your app idea.

Once you agree with a developer that your app idea is viable, the discussion shifts to creating the app.

You will then set a timeline and agree on the cost of developing the app.

Unfortunately, most app owners are caught up with launching the app. You want to make it big or visible to as many of your target users as possible.

Consequently, the cost considerations end up with the launch.

What happens after the launch?

We always inform our clients about the costs to expect after the launch. The costs you should anticipate include:

Maintenance costs

When your app developer or development team hands over a new app to you, they have checked all the codes.

The developers have fixed all the bugs and tested the app on different devices. It works on all operating systems and is ready to launch.

What works today might not work tomorrow. Device manufacturers update their devices continually. The same applies to operating systems in the devices.

The app stores also change their compliance rules over time.

You must update your application technology to include such changes. Otherwise, you will have many issues and complains from users.

Eventually, you may lose your users when the app is no longer functional.

App stores might also deregister your app if it does not meet new compliance rules.

The right app developers in Kenya will disclose such costs from the beginning. You may get a deal that includes maintenance costs for a specific period.

If you do not have an internal team of developers, discuss with your developer the cost of maintenance.

The cost may vary depending on the changes experienced within a certain duration.

Upgrade and scaling costs

The costs are closely related to maintenance cost but different. With maintenance costs, we are talking about compliance with changes.

A common approach is to launch an app and test its performance within a certain market.

For instance, you can develop a delivery or logistics app for a specific town or nation.

If the app is well received, you may need to upgrade its technology before expanding its reach to new markets.

For business or commerce apps, changing the nature of your business means new changes to your app.

If you add a new product line or merge with another business, an upgrade of your app is necessary.

Some organizations develop apps to manage their workforce while considering the number of employees.

Scaling the app infrastructure is necessary to accommodate a higher number of users.

Keeping the launch date deadline is a short-term goal. Think about the possible growth of your business or number of users.

You may be testing an app idea. What if the idea works better than you are anticipating?

Prepare to meet the costs of a quick upgrade to keep up with the growth.

Training costs

The inclusion of these costs in the initial budget depends on the app developers in Kenya that you engage.

Developing a new app takes a while. You may understand how it works because the developer will teach you as the app owner at no cost.

In addition, you are involved in its design and testing but the end-users are not.

Hence, you must consider the cost of training your staff. Training sometimes includes training the technical experts to maintain the app after the launch.

Some companies prefer to outsource the development process even with internal developers to access expert programmers.

As long as you are developing an app for your organization, you will incur a training and handover cost.

We inform you from the beginning the cost of training. The amount varies with the complexity of the app and the number of staff members.

Hosting costs

Many people who approach developers for an app do not know that a mobile app requires hosting.

Developers will often cover the first year of hosting when drafting their budget.

However, you need to know the cost of hosting your app’s servers.    

The servers include analytics, email, push notification, and integration servers.

Hosting services may require a monthly or yearly payment. The cost of hosting the app will increase as your business grows.

Hence, as you think of upgrading or scaling the app, realise that the hosting cost will increase as well.

The good news is that you have many affordable options in the market including cloud-hosting services.

You can choose the most affordable option for your business. If hosting is new to you, ask your developer to recommend the best hosting companies within your budget.

Strategic marketing costs

You do your market research before contacting software developers in Kenya.

As the developers work on the app, you begin to market the app to your target market ahead of the launch.

You may have some marketing activities or campaigns that stretch after the launch date.

Unfortunately, many app owners stop at this point.

New opportunities will arise to market your app and reach a wider audience.

The world of mobile apps is highly competitive. If you do not market your app and continually upgrade to the current technology, another developer will do it.

You must assess your position in the market consistently. Market research continues after the launch to identify new technology and trends.

Strategic marketing means that you identify new opportunities before they ever hit your target market.

You must always stay ahead of your competitors. Set aside funds to meet the strategic costs to maintain your strong position in the market.

Updating and upgrading costs may fall within the strategic costs depending on your market. Sometimes the only way to take advantage of new opportunities is to upgrade your app.

Concluding remarks

The cost of owning an app does not end with the launch costs. Always ask for a breakdown of the development costs before signing a contract with app developers in Kenya. Some developers will disclose the extra costs you will incur after the launch. Ask for an estimate for these costs and consider them when drawing your budget. The right developer will give you accurate information about the extra costs before the development process begins.

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