Perfect startup ideas in Kenya

How to Get Perfect Startup Ideas in Kenya

The rate of unemployment in the Kenya is worrying. In fact, the young as well as the old are accepting the reality that getting a well-paying job is difficult. In the meantime, they emphasis is being laid by different organizations and government agencies on starting as many enterprises as possible in the country. If you have been considering walking in such a path, you must come up with a unique idea in order to make it in the country. Here are some tips on how to get ideas for a startup:

  • Soul searching startup ideas

Understanding what you want from life is a good place to start when searching for a startup idea. The process starts with answering a number of questionings including-What is it that you want to get out of life? Are there things that you don’t want to see in your community? What is the motivation behind starting your venture? As you answer these questions, you are likely to get a pattern of responses and a crystal clear startup idea will be formed in the long run.

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  • Researching startup ideas

The most important part of getting an idea is to have all the facts right. To achieve this, research is critical; you will be in a position to find out if there are gaps in the market and at the same time get information on how to solve the problems.

  • Consider the resources at your disposal for your startup idea

Many startup ideas do not fail because they are not perfect. Rather, the owners fail to consider the resources available when getting into the ventures. Do not follow such suit but rather, consider whether you have the capital, special skills, work force, experience, time and the right connections. Put differently, you must have the capacity and resources to build an idea

  • The depth of the well matters more

You should offer a product that a few people need in larger amounts. This way, you will understand your client’s needs in a better way and at the same spend fewer resources. It also means that you will have a chance to expand in the market- slowly but surely.

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  • Get the feedback first of your startup idea

Regardless of how incredible your idea is, it should make money for you so that the venture remains sustainable. As such, before you commit all your resources in a startup, get honest feedback from the people around you to test whether your idea is feasible.

Precisely, it is possible to come up with actionable and profitable startup ideas in Kenya. All you need is to do research, focus on your passions and consider the available resources. You should also focus on the depth of the idea and seek for a different opinion.

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