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Creativity Will ‘Kill’ Kenyan App Developers

There is a good reason as to why the world refers to Kenya as the silicon savanna. In fact, you have to be blind not to see the level of investment in the IT sector and most importantly, the spirit of the Kenyans to innovate and create out-of-the-world applications. The consumers are increasingly embracing the products by the Kenyan app developers, which in turn encourages more creativity. There is no doubt that this need to meet the demand for apps will ‘kill’ the developers.

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Creativity Has Brought Information Nearer To the Kenyans

Not long ago, the Kenyan citizens would be glued to their TVs every now and then to get updates. They also had to spend hours on a cyber café or for the privileged ones, on their computers, trying to find information on different issues of life. Today, that information can be accessed by simply downloading a mobile app, thanks to the creativity of the Kenyan app developers.  Whether the consumer needs to know who was behind the National Youth Service corruption deals or even who is gaining prominence in the political field, the information can be availed in an app.

Every time mobile money transfer is mentioned, Kenyan app developers are praised. How did they create a service that other IT gurus of the world had not thought of? Well, the answer is that they are creative! In fact, they have not stopped. Various products that are uniquely Kenyan have been created and offered solutions to the population.  If, for instance, you need to know how to maneuver your way in Nairobi and avoid traffic, you can download the Ma3Route app. While in office, you can farm and sell your products, thanks to applications such as M-Farm. If you have no plans for the weekend and are in need of a refreshing activity, you can just download the Tough Jungle game application and test your ability to find your way out of a jungle.

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Creativity Has Already ‘Killed’ Some Developers

While creativity reigns amongst most of the Kenyan app developers, some of them stand out. They include Muva Technologies Company, which has gained the reputation of not only building incredible apps, but also offering a range of other services such as web design and hosting. Zoom IT Limited is also ranked high among the best developers in the country. Still, Smart Apps has taken its place in the market because of delivering cheap yet innovative products.  Other developers include Shimba Technologies and Safaricom.

All in all, as Kenyan app developers creatively come up with numerous products, the consumers are increasingly getting thrilled and the economy is thriving against all odds. Such a reality explains why the term silicon savannah is suitable for Kenya.

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