The Contest for Mobile News Apps Supremacy in Kenya

The phrase “I am proud to be a Kenyan” is often utilized when Kenyan citizens are thrilled by a local good or service.  It has specially been used often when the citizens see the milestones that the IT sector has made. The experts in the field have continued to amaze the population with thrilling products. It is particularly true if you look closely at the progress of the mobile application developers who specialize in offering masses news items. These professionals are not only working hard to ensure that Kenyans will get news at any time of day, but they are also competing to remain relevant in the market. The contest has become so tough that the feeble developer has no option but to be smart. In turn, Kenyans are a happy lot because they are receiving functional apps at an affordable fee.

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The Contest Is On!

Notably, all the major media stations are working with the developers to offer the Kenyan population news updates. Other developers work with the telecommunication industry players such as Safaricom to deliver the news. Adverts are being run in some media stations portraying the joy of the common “Mwananchi” receiving news at any time and in any place. They are saved from the hassle of travelling to watch news or even buy newspapers. This has automatically allured other Kenyans to get the mobile news application and benefit as well.  As this demand is being created, the developers are trying to come up with a better way of meeting it. This sets the stage for a supremacy battle for the professionals in the field. The best will win the hearts and the minds of Kenyans and make profits in the process.

Who is leading in the Contest?

One of the mobile news applications to watch out for in Kenya is Citizen News Kenya. It offers the consumer information on a range of news items. Whether they are seeking for entertainment news, political news or business news, this app will deliver. Another app worth trying is Kenya News. It also delivers the citizens all types of news at the comfort of their homes- from the entertainment, weather, to sports news. The other application is the Ma3route, which provides users with information about traffic and matatu directions.  Other news apps to watch out for are the standard digital and daily nation apps.

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Ultimately, as the contest for the mobile news apps continues, the IT sector will grow, the consumers will be well-informed and entrepreneurs will make enough money.


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