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Why Companies in Nairobi Require a Mobile Responsive Website in 2016

A well-designed website is a must-have for Nairobi Companies worth their salt. It is no secret that many clients in 2016 and beyond want to find product at the comfort of their homes or offices. As such, the internet marketing and advertising has exploded in the last few years. Nevertheless, having perfectly designed site is not enough. A company must go ahead to come up with a mobile responsive website. Why should this be the case? Well, here are some of the reasons:

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  • Everyone has gone mobile

Approximately 1.2 billion people access the internet using mobile devices. The numbers will most likely be skewed in the future. Nairobi-based companies must, therefore, be willing to reach these users by developing a mobile responsive website.

  • Mobile landing pages need varied strategies

A company’s landing page helps generate online revenue. Even so, the landing page for a desk top is different from that of a mobile device; most mobile phones cannot handle the same style of presentation as does the desktop. Accordingly, coming up with a mobile responsive website will enable companies to take advantage of the frequent purchasing behavior of mobile users.

  • Search engine ranking

Search engines such as Google have in the recent past favored mobile responsive sites. In some instances, Google has imposed penalties for companies that do not design mobile friendly sites.   To be on the safe side of search engines and to make significant profit, it is imperative that Nairobi-based companies make the necessary changes.

  • Getting social media referrals

A majority of internet users utilize their mobile devices to access social media platforms. For this reason, every company must create mobile responsive website and in so doing, their content marketing efforts will be worthwhile.

  • Becoming different from competition

Undeniably, many Nairobi-based company’s sites have not been optimized for mobile devices. As such, wise companies have a chance to differentiate themselves from the competition. In turn, they market their brands significantly and earn profit and good reputation.

  • Mobile users are likely to buy more

Mobile users are likely to make frequent purchases as compared to their desktop counterparts. This is because of the convenience of accessing the website. As such, Nairobi-based companies must reach these users and make profits in the ultimate.

Precisely, to make profit and attain high levels of sustainability, Nairobi companies must design their websites with mobile responsiveness in mind. Finding the best web-designers who can render such services is, therefore, critical.

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