7 Most Popular Android Apps in Kenya for the Ages 18 to 35

Android apps have transformed lives. As people download them, they have realized that all their needs can be met without a hassle. It is particularly true for the population between the ages of 18-35, who desire to have fun-filled and easy life. The following apps are popular within the population.

  1. Job search apps

Gone are the days when finding a new job took weeks and months of struggle. With the Indeed Mobile App for android, young people can find a job-on-the-go. Users can even narrow down to vital aspects of job searching such as geographical positions and salary preferences using the apps. Better yet, users can track their search history so that they can access results they have not viewed previously.

2. Launcher apps for android

Young people in Kenya want to have a customized look and feel on their mobile phones. Launcher apps such as Action Launcher allow them to achieve this by combining new icons, home screen and wall papers.

3. Fitness and lifestyle apps for android

The young Kenyan population is increasingly becoming weary of deadly ailments that are related to poor lifestyles. Emphasis has, therefore, been laid on doing anything and everything to achieve fitness by different health organizations. Android offers short and scientific proven seven minute workout app to assist the young to achieve perfect health.

4. Security app

The mobile security and antivirus android apps are preferred by the 18-35 year-old- population since they keeps them safe from malware threats as they browse. The apps search through the browsing history and the storage space, helping users to protect their data or avoid attacks from hackers.

5. Android keyboard app

These android apps allow users to type fast and accurately. Their features are incredible and as such, users can use them for a long time and accomplish different tasks.

6. App to download free music

Almost everyone enjoys good music. The 18-35 year olds have found an easy way of accessing their favorite music using Google play music app. Unlike other applications, the app is legitimate and has an ever-changing list of tracks for the users.

7. Camera app for android

In a day when every young person is trying to take best photo shots of their friends and interesting scenes, a camera app for android is adored by many. Specifically, the Camera 360 Ultimate app has incredible features such as one-touch fixing tools and photo sharing features. The best thing is that the features are easy to use, providing an amazing experience for new photographers.

Indeed, life has become fun, easy, and functional for 18-35 year old Kenyans, thanks to a range of android apps available today. If you are within this age group, find one of the apps listed above from service providers and your life will never be the same.


Open Source Frameworks for Mobile App Developers in 2016

There is no more appropriate time to engage in mobile apps development. Thanks to open source frameworks, it will not cost a developer a lot of money to come up with incredible apps. In fact, prior knowledge on mobile apps development may not be required in some instances. Here are some of the open source frameworks that you must try in 2016:

  • Ionic

The framework helps a developer to build mobile apps with HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. The apps developed are native-like. Still, the Ui interactions and designs are amazing while various angular JS extensions are offered.

  • Sencha touch

This mobile apps resource enables mobile app developers to create products for various platforms including android, blackberry and IOS. It is credited for its ability to create a native look and feel in all the platforms.

  • Appium

The framework aids in automation of native, hybrid applications and mobile web apps on android and IOS platforms.

  • Mobile angular UI

This is a HTML 5 framework that utilizes angular Js and bootstrap 3 to create mobile apps. The bootstrap 3 comes with mobile features such as switches, sidebars, and overlays while angular JS has modules such as angular touch, angular animate and angular route. Moreover, one does not need jQuery dependencies; with a few angular JS directives, apps developers can create apps with amazing user experiences.

  • Sculpt

The framework is lightweight, responsive to HTML, SASS and CSS. It caters for devices that have small screen sizes as well as big screen sizes.

  • Helios

The open source framework offers essential services for iOS apps. Such include data synchronization and notifications to passbook integration. Mobile app developers utilizing the framework will, therefore, offer client-server apps that run within a few minutes, ensuring that functionality is seamless.

  • Apache Flex

This is a highly productive framework that helps build and maintain applications deploying on different browsers and devices. Modern language and programming models are utilized to support typical design patterns for mobile app developers. As such, developers from different backgrounds can utilize the framework and reap the fruits in the ultimate.

  • Mo sync

The framework is developed by Mobile Sorcery. It offers free and simple development kit to help mobile app developers to create a flurry of apps that can be used across various platforms.  Further, the developers can create native apps by using JavaScript and HTML 5. It also supports android, IOS and window phones.

Certainly, mobile app developers have enough options to create products that are functional and exciting in 2016.

5 Useful Tips When Outsourcing Website Development Services in Kenya

One of your most crucial hires is a web developer. In any case, this is the person who will create an online face for your company or business. As such, it is imperative that you outsource the services to the right talent from the get-go. Here are critical tips of accessing quality web development services, Kenya:

1.Web development should be the core practice

Do not hire service providers who do not specialize in web development services, Kenya. Rather, find people who breathe, live, and love web development. That way, you will get the expertise and experience that you yearn for

2. Can they handle a small project first?

You may want to test whether the agencies you entrust with long-term web development services, Kenya can successfully complete small tasks. in the process, Assess how long they take to complete the project and their level of commitment. Doing so will give you the confidence to commit enormous resources in such projects.

3.Always ask open-ended questions during interviews

Asking simple questions while seeking for web development services, Kenya will not help you get the right talent. Rather, you will entrust the service to people who have mastered the art of memorizing information. Instead, ask open ended questions so that you can not only assess an agencies’ level of knowledge in the field, but also their passion and dedication to the job.

4.Hire slow

No need to rush into hiring a web developer just because they have assured you of delivering top-notch services. Rather, consider all the options available and conduct your own research to confirm whether the developer has given you accurate information. Moreover, even after hiring a developer, be quick to fire them if you realize that you made a mistake in the first place.

5.Hire developers with aptitude

Skills become obsolete within a short time in technology. As such, a developer must be in a position to learn new technologies and utilize them in service delivery. That way, your site will attract a lot of traffic.   On the other hand, hiring a service provider who is familiar with specific technology will be a waste of time and resources.

Precisely, taking your time to access the qualifications of a service provider in web development services, Kenya is pertinent. Recommendations from colleagues and reviews from the online platform are good places to begin your search. In the ultimate, you should narrow down to a developer who will help you get a remarkable online presence.


10 Strange Myths Surrounding Android Apps in Kenya

Android apps in Kenya are popular. However, with that notoriety, a lot of myths and misconceptions are spread about them.

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Here are some myths surrounding android apps in Kenya.
1. Android apps are complicated
Many users have bought into the lie that android apps are too complicated and that one has to be a computer scientist to use them. Even so, the apps are designed with functionality in mind. No wonder, the apps are popular in Kenya and beyond

 2. Android apps are not secure

Many people believe that android apps in Kenya are riddled with malware. Even so, android always seeks for permission from users before any app update is made. In any case, you can always protect your devices from malware.

 3. Android apps will crash sooner than later

It has been said that android apps will crash more than the competition. Various studies, however, reveal that crashes are always related with the devices used rather than the apps. Hence, users with good Smartphone devices or tablets will not suffer significantly from the lags or crashes.

 4. No good apps will go to android first

Many android apps users have been told that no apps worth having will go to android. The reality is that apps by major companies arrive at all platforms at the same time and will be updated on the same schedule.

5. You must use Google services to utilize android apps

While Google services are useful for android, you don’t have to use them to benefit from android apps. Android is customization and hence, users have the option of choosing apps and services from other platforms other than Google.

  6. Android Apps developers in Kenya are not creative

Some clients believe that many developers no longer come up with brilliant android apps. Even so, there are many apps developers who have the skills, experience and passion to develop unique android apps.

 7. Accessing  android apps is expensive

Android apps are not expensive; Kenya apps developers work with all budgets and will hence create products that users can afford.

  8. Android apps will not provide more that what is out there

Some business people fail to buy android apps in Kenya because they believe that social media and other related platforms are sufficient. Even so, the android apps in Kenya can be customized to help pass specific message to potential clients.

 9. Android apps affect the battery life

The battery life of any device is affected by the number of tasks carried out in a given time and not use of android apps.

 10. Android apps developers  in Kenya are unreliable

There are many reliable developers of android app in Kenya. All you need to do is research on the online and offline platform and you will find the right service providers.



Reasons Why Web Hosting Services Make Sense

Does web hosting make sense? If anything, why would anyone want to pay extra money to a web hosting service provider when they can make phone calls or sending email to their clients at zero costs? Well, these are some of the questions that many companies and business people ask. Their main struggle here is that cost efficiency comes before anything else in business operations, and thus, web hosting should not be considered because of the related costs. Even so, such individuals fail to understand that web hosting does indeed help reduce costs of operations in a business while at the same time ensuring that profit is earned. The end result is the same cost efficiency that such businesses may have been trying to achieve in the first place.

Web Hosting Makes Sense to the Contemporary Consumer

Undeniably, the consumer in the 21st century does not need to go from one store to another to find a product. Rather they have limited time for purchases, which means that convenience is their biggest priority. For this reason, they would rather go to a company’s website at the comfort of their homes instead of wasting time travelling to an actual store. In any case, even when they are not willing to make purchases, it is possible for a company or business to allure them to do so through the online platform.  It therefore means that if you are ready to achieve profitability, growth and sustainability, you need to own a website.

There Is More To Web Hosting Than You Think

Contrary to what many think, web hosting services are not just limited to building a website and attracting traffic. Rather, a good web hosting service provider will help you take advantage of other platforms such as the social media. No wonder, most companies that own a website are also active in social medial platforms.  Such entities understand the benefit of reaching to the many potential clients in social media and will therefore ensure that they offer links in the platform that lead clients to their website. Besides, web host service providers have the capacity to deliver searching engine optimization services so that a site is ranked well on the search engines.  In the process, attract traffic and achieving huge success in the ultimate will become a reality.

Take Caution!

Notably, web hosting does not make sense if you choose the wrong service provider. It is in such instances that many tend to waste money and time, which may limit the growth of a business. Accordingly, finding the right service provider is more critical than anything else in web hosting. You should find answers to questions such as- are the service providers experienced? Are they able to support you along the way? Can they refer you to any of their clients? What are their rates? What is the level of expertise? Are they ranked well in the reviews? Are they able to offer satisfactory answers to your queries? As you get answers to such questions, you will be in a position to select the right web hosting service provider. Henceforth, they will ensure that your products are known not only in your locality, but also at the international level. At this point, you confirm that web hosting does make sense.