Smart Watches in Kenya

Smart Watches in Kenya

A wristwatch communicates your personality and sense of style more than any other accessory. Your watch makes a statement of who you are and what you consider as important. However, wristwatches now do much more than communicating the wearer’s style and personality. If you are still holding on to a traditional wristwatch, you need to upgrade it to a smart watch.  A smart watch can display the notifications on your smart phone, track your running route and speed, and monitor your heart rate among other functions.

The functions you enjoy on a smart watch depend on its features and capabilities. When buying a smart watch, you need to consider its features and compatibility with the operating system on your mobile phone. Other important considerations include the battery life, the quality of apps, and price. If you have finally decided to upgrade your wristwatch or your current smart watch, here is a review of the best smart watches you can buy in Kenya.

Aplus GV18 – 1.54″ Smart Watch

Do you miss your calls or notifications even when your phone is vibrating in your pocket? Well, this smart watch by Aplus will help you keep track of all your calls, emails, messages, and the social media updates. You can pick and dial your calls, send and receive messages, and record videos with the watch. The watch has a 0.3MP camera that enables you to take clear photos and videos. It displays high definition pictures on the 1.54-inch TFT LCD touch screen. You can play Mp4 videos and Mp3 music on the wearable via Bluetooth.

The smart watch has a RAM of 128MB and a CPU of 533MHz. The storage capacity is 64MB, which gives you enough space to save your photos and videos. It is NFC enabled and waterproof. Other important features that will make your life far much easier include the alarm, sleep monitor, calendar, browser, and recorder. You can synchronize your contact list and interact with your friends easily on the Aplus smart watch. The watch uses a 380mAh Li-on battery.

Smartwatch – 1.22 Inch Luxury Fashion Leather Smart Watch

You can keep your sense of style with this luxury brand by Smart Watch. The watch has a 1.22- inch IPS high definition screen and a 2.5D curved OGS screen. You can dial and answer calls, exchange messages and record your heart rate with the fashion accessory. Other amazing features on the accessory include a remote camera, sleep monitor, real-time stepscon, and a pedometer. If you are a music lover, you can play your favorite tunes via Bluetooth.

The smart watch is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. It is available in several languages including English, German, Spanish, French, Polish, Italians, and Turkish. You can receive email notifications and access your phonebook on the device. You can keep it on when washing your hands or in a rainy weather because of its waterproof feature. The gold and brown accessory comes with a complete user manual and a USB cable.

Excelvan NFC Bluetooth Smart Watch

The accessory is a combination of technology and an exquisite design. It functions as a GMS phone that works in any part of the world. It is light in weight and has an adjustable silicone wristband. It has an inbuilt alarm system that notifies you when you are leaving your smart phone behind. You can enjoy your music via its V3.0 Bluetooth and remote capture your photos with an android phone. You get all notifications on your smart phone on your wrist.

Other features include a sound recorder, sedentary reminder, FM, video player and recorder, and a sleep monitor. If you are looking for a sports companion, this watch will keep you on track with your exercise routine. You can record your sports data including the time, speed, distances, steps, and calories burnt on the accessory. It has an in-built speaker and MIC and its normal use battery life is 2 days.

H28 Bluetooth Smart Bracelet Sport watch

The smart watch is specifically designed for individuals who need a reliable sports partner. However, the bracelet has other features of smart watches including an alarm, calls reminder, date, time, and messages reminder. Others include music control, anti-lost and a remote camera. You can record your heart rate, speed, and calories with the bracelet when exercising.

The smart watch is compatible with the Android operating system and any IOS above 7.0. The bracelet is black in color and has 4.0 Bluetooth and a 50 mAh battery. It is made of Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and comes with a manual and USB cable.

Smart Gear D8 Plus – 0.49″  Smart Watch

This golden and sleek accessory will keep you in touch with your friends at all times. The instant messaging feature enables you to chat with your contacts easily. You can also dial or answer a phone call on the smart watch. You can synchronize the contacts on your smart phone for a better experience. The accessory has a 0.49- inch OLED screen and V3.0 Bluetooth that enables you to enjoy the music on your smart phone.

The smart watch has Mp3 music player and Mp4 video player. It uses a 300mAh Li-on battery. Other functions on the accessory include a pedometer, calculator, Browser 2.0, alarm, sedentary reminder and a sleep monitor. The smart watch also has a sound recorder and a calendar. You cannot miss any updates on your social media and email accounts with this device.

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