Mobile App Reviews: A Review of the Glovo App in Kenya

Entrepreneurs in Kenya have now mastered the art of online selling. Buyers have gained a significant level of trust in some online sellers. Kenyans are more willing than before to take risks and order for products online. The greater challenge now is delivering products in good condition to customers at the right time.

Apps like Glovo meet this need. Sacha Michaud and Oscar Pierre co-founded the Glovo Company in 2015 in Barcelona. The Spanish start-up has managed to build a competitive brand and penetrate the international market.

The concept from the start was to provide on-demand courier services to customers for all types of product. However, food delivery has overtaken other types of delivery via the app. Glovo is available in 20 countries around the world including Kenya.


Glovo launched its operations in Nairobi in the first quarter of 2019. Here are the top features that users enjoy on the app:

1. Speed

You can order for anything from a supermarket, store, or restaurant and have it within minutes. Glovo emphasises on delivering anything that customers order “within minutes.” When you order for a product, the nearest courier receives the order and considers the nearest seller. The courier will buy and deliver it within the shortest time possible.

The promise to deliver within minutes has proved true in some cities and for some clients in Nairobi. While the app owners do their best to keep this promise, sometimes a delay may occur when a product is unavailable.

Sometimes the courier has to try several stores and probably wait in line to serve some orders. However, for some products that are readily available or already packed, the couriers deliver within minutes.

2. Low cost

Buying products online makes sense to customers if the delivery cost is reasonable. Otherwise, they might as well walk or drive to a store and get the products at a reasonable price. Glovo understands this concept and offers affordable courier services.

The delivery charge within Nairobi is likely to range from Ksh.50 to 100. The charge may be higher depending on your location and order. Imagine escaping the long queues in supermarkets for a hundred shillings. Some items are delivered at no cost within Nairobi’s CBD.

The cost begins to make sense when you think of the time you spend getting a good seat in a restaurant, ordering for food and drinks and then eating. You know how restaurants keep you waiting for a “special order?” Well, you can save time, order the same dish, and keep working while the food is delivered to your doorstep.

3. A wide range of services

Most people think of food delivery but the Glovo app in Kenya offers more than food. Well, food delivery is a big part of the business but you can order anything on the app. For instance, you can order for any item from a registered supermarket like Naivas.

The app is not only an opportunity for buyers to get products delivered easily and at a reasonable rate. Glovo has opened opportunities for couriers to earn from the app. Stores have an opportunity to maximise sales without worrying about deliveries.

4. Easy Ordering Process

The process of ordering an item is simple. After downloading the app, you create an account and proceed to order. You can use your Facebook account to log in. The app requests you to select your location.

You will then proceed to the next interface that shows the categories of registered partners. The best of restaurants in Nairobi’s CBD are listed on the app. Go through the menu of the items offered by each partner.

An alternative ordering process is clicking on “anything” and specifying the product you need. The app has restriction on the size and weight of the items you can order. With this option, you need to specify if the courier will pay for the item or not.

5. Tracking Orders

You can track your purchased item in real-time. In other words, you can tell the exact time when the courier will arrive at your location. Tracking is much easier than calling a delivery person every 5 minutes to find out when they will arrive.

As you track you can also tell if the courier got the directions right. You will not sit and wait for an item while the courier is moving in the opposite direction. If you have ever tried to track items with a phone call or text messages, you will appreciate the tracking feature in Glovo app in Kenya.

6. Favorite items

Let us say you like a certain dish from a specific restaurant. When you order it the first time, you can add it to your list of favourite items. The next time you log into the app to order, the app suggests your favourite items first. The list saves you minutes of scrolling through unwanted items and stores.

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Customer Feedback

As app developers, we can look at the functionality of an app and recommend it based on its features. The truth is that the developers have done a great with the simplicity of design and great user experience. However, we need to consider the actual experience of customers who have ordered products via the app.

Happy users

The app has a 3.7 rating on Google Playstore. The majority of about 130,000 users that left a review after using it gave a 5-star rating. The experience is different depending on the item that a customer ordered.

Users seem to have a great experience with the interface and ordering process. The partners registered on the app offer quality products, which is important when ordering for items online. Most customers got the items they ordered for as described.

Unhappy users

The app is relatively new in the market. Although the developers say that you can order from any part of Nairobi, couriers do not deliver to some parts of the city. In addition, some customers complained that the estimated time of delivery was inaccurate.

Some customers had to wait for more than an hour to get their items. A few customers have also complained about bugs when trying to order for any item. Based on the reviews, the customer support team is slow in responding to complaints from customers.


Glovo App in Kenya is a game-changer in the country’s online business and logistics. The app is easy to use in terms of ordering and tracking items. The delivery time may not always be accurate. However, based on customer reviews, the couriers are doing a great job of delivering products within the shortest time possible. App developers in Kenya take the challenge to keep up with such competitive apps from international developers.

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Android App Development Trends: The Rising Popularity of the Dark Mode

Have you noticed that most of the popular apps are recommending the dark mode? What difference does it make when using an app on the dark mode?  Is there a downside to it? As we discuss this new trend, bear in mind that app developers have user experience in mind at all times.

Every trend in iOS or Android app development is in most cases meant to improve the experience of end users. Hence, when a new trend comes, app developers will try to implement it across all platforms. The dark mode started with Android apps and then expanded to iOS devices.

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Microsoft Outlook already have the dark mode option. An app does not switch automatically to this mode. You have the choice as an app user to stick the old black and white background or turn the dark mode on.

The traditional mode has a white background with black text. Some developers experiment with text colors to highlight certain features. When you turn the dark mode on, the background becomes black, gray or dark blue. The text turns from black to white.

 What are benefits of this app development trend?

1. Less strain on your eyes

The first reason that app developers give for introducing the new screen settings is their users’ health. Eyestrain is not new to phone users who spend hours staring at their screens. Let us be honest here. Smartphones have become addictive, especially with cheap data bundles.

It only makes sense to do everything you can to stay healthy while enjoying the beauty of connectivity. Browsers like Chrome are also considering the same trend for this reason. For internet lovers, if you are not on an app, you are browsing websites or watching videos.

Continuous strain on your eyes can lead to conditions such as myopia. You are at a high risk of nearsightedness if you work on a bright screen all day.  The risk is higher now that virtual reality has been introduced to the world of Android app development.

Using the dark mode on apps does not mean that you are completely safe from the mentioned risks. You still need to reduce the number of hours spent on your mobile devices. However, the dark mode reduces the fatigue on your eyes.

2. Easier reading

Mobile apps are designed with the assumption that users have normal vision. The reality is that our vision is different. Some people have low vision while others struggle with color blindness. The new trend favors such phone users.

Texts become more visible on the black or grey background. You will come across different settings for the dark mode. It is not always a reverse of the black and white combination. Some app developers prefer a grey background with black text. An alternative is a black background with grey text.

Blocks of text are easier to read with the dark mode. The settings activate all the sensors on the eyes even with low vision. If you have been struggling with reading online, try the dark mode where available. You are likely to keep it on.

Android app development

3. Longer battery life

Ever since smart phones were introduced, the greatest challenge has been the battery life. The situation has been improved but you can do with an extra hour or two of battery life. Dark mode gets you just that, longer battery life.

It takes more power to keep your screen illuminated than a black or gray screen. You will have to sacrifice something to keep your phone running for long. First, you are accustomed to the white back background. It will take some time and adjusting to appreciate the dark mode.

The white or bright mode is easy to navigate. Scrolling and switching from one feature to another, or one app to another is easy. The dark theme is a bit slow in terms of a smooth flow but you are guaranteed of using your phone longer.

4. Better sleep

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night because of a notification on your phone? Forget about the alarm. You know those automated messages from service providers or notifications from apps. Switching data off does not always help.

Falling back to sleep is a challenge after staring at a bright screen. If you have problems falling asleep, try using the dark mode in the hours preceding your usual bedtime. Bright light inhibits the function of sleep-inducing neurons, especially artificial light.

The light interferes with the natural cycle of sleep. This partly explains why you stay awake longer after using your phone. The worst happens when you wake up to bright light and cannot fall back asleep. With the dark mode on, you will easily fall back to sleep and maintain your sleep cycle.

5. Better experience in low-light environment

Using a mobile device in a low-light room is strenuous. The obvious temptation in such situations is to increase the brightness on your screen. That just makes things worse. You will strain your eyes more even when the text size is large enough.

Try the dark mode when you get into such an environment. You will not even realise the difference in lighting if the mode is always. Reducing the brightness on your device helps for apps or programs that do not have the dark mode yet.

6. Improving sensitivity to light

For many phone users, the bright light disturbs when the screen is on. The discomfort is over as soon as the phone goes off. For some, sensitivity to light is a medical condition. Even the sun is too bright for such people.

Doctors call the condition photophobia. The dark theme makes it more comfortable for people with this condition to work and use apps. In addition, the theme helps those who suffer migraines. Prolonged eyestrain often leads to headaches and migraines.

Final thoughts

Before they discover the cure for phone or internet addiction, protect your eyes. Take advantage of this Android app development trend. Activate it for apps and programs that have it in their settings. You can switch to the bright screen at times but if you suffer migraines or photophobia, it is safe to use it always.

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Choosing between iOS vs. Android App Development for a Low Budget

Many people come up with great app ideas but abandon them halfway because of budget constraints. Both iOS and Android app development can be expensive for apps with multiple features. Consulting expert developers also pushes the price higher.

Before giving up on your eureka idea, think of alternative ways of developing your app within your budget. The first step is to choose the right platform, as we will discuss in this article. The second step is to minimize the number of features to suit your budget. Remember you can update your app with new features after the launch.

We advise clients to start the development process early and break it down into phases. The tendency to wait too long to implement an idea is costly. Another person can pick up the idea and implement it while you wait to get all the money.

Most clients want an app that runs on both iOS and Android but cannot meet the budget for native apps. Non-native apps have many limitations and may not meet your customers’ needs in terms of functionality and excellent experience. Think about the following tips when facing budget constraints:

1. Target audience

Who are your target users for the new app? Which operating system does your target market use? As of February 2019, the Android operating system had 74.15% of the market share while iOS had 23.28% of the market share worldwide.

Source Stat Counter

The graph above shows the trend of the market share for the past year. Android has retained the largest market share. Hence, with an Android app, you are likely to reach a wider audience with the right marketing tools.

2. Revenue generation

Are the statistics above enough to help you make a quick decision? Does a large market share guarantee higher sales? The large market share does not always translate into high in-app purchases. One of the critical factors that influence in-app purchase is the users’ purchasing power.

The features of the app and their ability to solve a pressing need in the market also influence purchases. You are in this business to make money. Do not just consider the potential downloads of your app. The downloads should turn into sales.

Android apps offer a higher number of downloads but iOS have higher in-app purchases. You are likely to get more clicks on ads with a high number of downloads on the Android. However, if in-app purchases are your primary source of income, the iOS platform is the winner.

3. Flexibility

When choosing between iOS vs Android app development, think about future changes. After launching the app, the feedback from actual users helps you determine if the app meets the targeted needs. You can modify the features based on the feedback.

The speed of implementing such changes depends on the chosen platform. The Android platform is more flexible than iOS in terms of customizing apps. Hence, choosing Android is advisable if you foresee constant changes, especially for business apps.

4. Development cost

Most developers do not charge a constant price for developing an iOS or Android app. Each app has specific features and requirements that influence the price. In addition, developers use varying cost structures depending on their level of expertise and operating costs.

Another factor that influences the development cost is the time taken to test apps. Android apps are used on multiple devices. Hence, testing the apps takes a longer time than testing iOS apps. You may pay a higher price for the Android app but the benefits of a higher number of users may outweigh the higher cost.

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5. Timeline

We have talked about building an app in different phases to overcome budget constraints. Sometimes the timing influences the performance of an app in the market. You may lose if you take too long to launch an app.

Remember that other people are searching for new opportunities to make money. The iOS platform may be a better choice if you want to develop an app within a short time frame. As mentioned earlier, testing Android apps takes a while because developers have to check their compatibility with different devices.

6. Publishing rules and costs

Both iOS and Android platforms have different rules and costs for publishing new apps. Apple Store charges an annual publishing fee while Google Play charges a one-time fee. Hence, when considering the cost of Android app development, account for the publishing fees as well.

Apple App Store has more stringent publishing rules than Google Play Store. When considering the publishing process, the Android platform is the best choice. However, you must account for the other aspects of the development process before making the final decision.

7. Operating System Updates

The experience of users on any platform depends on the version of the operating system. If you want the best outcome for your app, target the latest version of an operating system. Discuss with your developer the need to include features that are compatible with the latest version.

iOS updates automatically to the latest version without requiring any effort from users. Android, on the other hand, requires users to activate updates, which takes time. Many users will prefer to use the old version as long as it works to avoid the process of system update.

Source: Ruby Garage

Consider the differences in the charts above. Many Android users were still stuck in the older versions of the system as of the second quarter of 2018.  A small percentage has upgraded to the new Oreo version. The case is different for iOS users. About 76% of the users have the latest iOS 11 version. The difference is mainly on the process of upgrading from the old to the latest version.

Concluding remarks

The dream of many apprenuers is to have a popular app running on both iOS and Android platforms. However, budget constraints hinder many from achieving this dream. Both platforms have a unique set of benefits and limitations. The final decision on whether to go for iOS or Android app development depends on the app you want to introduce. Consider how each tip discussed above applies to your app idea. Start with the most appropriate platform and then expand to the other as you earn from the app.

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30 Most Downloaded Android Apps in Kenya

Mobile applications keep Kenyans entertained, inspired and informed. No wonder, many of them have continued to download them in the last couple of years. The consumers have been fascinated by a number of android apps Kenya.

Here is a table displaying mostly downloaded android apps in Kenya – Have a look!


The application has become popular in 2018 since it allows Kenyans to get affordable, efficient and reliable transport services.


Kenyans still want to connect with their friends and share information using social media platforms such as Facebook.

Truecaller ID& blocker

This app helps the consumers to trace the identity of callers and to take security measures when utilizing a mobile phone. Considering the security issues posed by criminals in detention, the app will continue to thrill the population.

Opera Mini

This is one of the android apps Kenya that allows the users to have a better browsing experience. Its popularity rises from the fact that thousands upon thousands of Kenyans are using the internet to get services and access information.


Kenyans from all walks of life love this app as it helps them to connect with their friends by sharing photos and other crucial information.

My Safaricom

It is no secret that almost every Kenyan utilizes Safaricom services and thus, would wish to have an app that enables them to have a better experience.

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OLX Kenya

The android apps Kenya helps the citizens to buy and sell goods freely.

Kenya news

People in the country love to remain updated on the major events in the country. This app comes in handy in this regard.


Considering the economic harsh times in the country, many people need instant loans. This android app Kenya has helped them accordingly.  .

Fitness and lifestyle app

People are becoming more aware of the need to lead healthy lifestyles. Android offers them a seven minute workout to assist them in the course.

Security app

To secure their devices from malware practices, Kenyans have been downloading the security app by android.

Google play music app

The Kenyan population loves music. This app helps them to find their favorite music in a convenient manner.

Camera 360 ultimate app

Everyone with a Smartphone tries to take a shot of the best scenes in the country or even the ‘selfish’ . This app has helped Kenyans to utilize its features to take good shots and share with the friends.

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Android Keyboard

Using the apps, the users can type in a better way and accomplish numerous tasks.

Indeed Mobile App for android

The app is popular amongst the Kenyans who want to find jobs easily.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook owns several mobile apps including Facebook Messenger. Most users of the Facebook App download the Messenger as well. The App has become popular because it simplifies sending messages to friends on Facebook. Users can ignore all other pages on Facebook and chat with friends through the Facebook Messenger App.


The App was previously known as Mkopo Rahisi. Tala enables users to borrow soft loans through their phones. Through a simple application process, users can get fast loans and receive the cash on Mpesa.

Whatsapp Messenger

Most Kenyans have shifted from the traditional text messages to Whatsapp messages. The Facebook-owned app enables its users to share photos, text messages, and videos. Recent updates on the app allow users to make video calls to other Whatsapp users.

Facebook Lite

One of the major concerns among mobile app users is data usage. Most apps use large amounts of data, which discourages phone users from installing them. Facebook Lite provides a cheaper way to use Facebook, which is the most popular social media platform. The low data usage attracts Kenyans to the app.


One major reason why Imo is among the most downloaded apps Kenya is the ability to share free video calls. The app also allows users to send normal chat messages. Users can call and chat with other mobile phone users with the app on their phones. Imo is also popular among Kenyans because it works on slow networks.


Hitpesa offers a convenient, affordable, and effective way of advertising goods and services. Consumers are bombarded with so many advertisements online especially on social media. It becomes almost impossible to differentiate products. The Hitpesa app is popular among Kenyan mobile phones users because of the reward scheme. Users get instant rewards for viewing adverts on the app. Business owners use the app widely because they are assured that their adverts will reach their target customers.

Citizen News

Citizen ranks high among news channels and the same popularity applies to the Citizen News app. Many people prefer to stay updated on the current news instead of waiting for the usual TV broadcast. Consequently, news apps have become very popular in Kenya.


Banks have warmed up to the latest technologies in business. Kenya Commercial Bank has been on the forefront in offering digital services to its customers. The KCB app enables users to access their accounts from their phones instead of visiting their bank branch. The convenience of the app and friendly interface has attracted most KCB customers to download the app.

Saida Loans

The Saida Loans app is also among the most downloaded apps Kenya because of the convenience of borrowing money. Traditional bank loans involve lengthy processes and paperwork. Loans apps like Saida eliminate the hustle and make it easy to access quick cash on the phone. One reason why Kenyans have embraced such apps is that they do not need to open bank accounts to get a loan. Anyone can get cash via Saida Loans as long as he or she has a good credit rating and constant income.


Kenyans have embraced online shopping for all items. Previously, online stores like Jumia were selling all their items via a website. However, the stores have shifted to mobile apps to enhance the experience of buyers. Jumia is among the leading online stores in Kenya and its app has become equally popular among online shoppers. Kenyans love the app because they can order for any item with a click of a button, pay for it, and have it delivered at their door step.

Candy Crash Saga

This app is more popular among women than it is among men. Women spend hours playing Candy Crash, which explains the App’s popularity. The App is slowly becoming popular among men as well. Candy Crash can be addictive and Kenyans love playing the game.


While Facebook continues to lead in popularity among social media platform, many Kenyans still prefer to connect via Twitter. The app is most popular among people who like to follow trending topics and news in Kenya and around the world. Twitter is also popular because of the limitation in the length of posts.

KTN News

Here is another news app that ranks high among the most downloaded apps Kenya. KTN is a huge brand in the media industry. Kenyans download the KTN News to keep up with the latest news and events.


The Mdundo app is a must-have for music lovers. Kenyan musicians are aware of the popularity of the app. Hence, they ensure that their music is available at the Mdundo website and app. Kenyans download the app in large numbers to listen to their favorite local tunes.

Bible in Swahili

Bible apps are popular around the world. Mobile phone users can get inspiration on their phone instead of going through the printed Bible. The Bible in Swahili has become popular because it offers a translation that every Kenyan understands.

All in all, there are no regrets if you download any of the applications listed in this piece.

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Top 20 Kenyan Apps You Need To Know

Kenyan apps developers are gaining the reputation of designing apps tailored to the country’s challenges and opportunities. It is for this reason that the country has become the epicenter for innovation in the African continent and beyond.

Here are some of the Kenyan apps you should know about:


The app offers you details about the prices of various agricultural products in the country. For details, send an SMS to 3535.


This is one of the Kenyan apps that offer you loans through your mobile phone.

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Launched in 2011, the apps assist you to diagnose any disease symptoms. You will also get information about doctors and hospitals in your area.


The apps will offer you amazing advice on taking care of cows. Whether you are looking for details about gestation, fodder or milk production, this app has it all.


The mobile money transfer app has have attracted inventors in the world. Launched in 2007, the app has allowed Kenyans to effectively transfer cash within the country.


This app offers you content updates from services such as My Yahoo and Newsgator among others.

Kenya basketball

If basketball is your cup of tea, this app will offer you information about major leagues in the country.

Real estate finder

Being able to find the best property in the country can be difficult. However, this app allows you to get details about the available properties for lease and sale.

Campus guide

This app is designed to ensure that you are not stranded when finding the right institution and course in the country.

Eazzy 247

The app is developed by Equity Bank. It allows you to access your account, pay bills and transfer cash.


This app is designed by Family Bank. It is designed to assist you in serving utility bills at any location within the country.

Kilimo Salama

Developed by Syngenta Foundation, the app offers you information on how to increase productivity in your farm. It also gives you data about changes in weather patterns in the country.

Explore Kenya

The app offers you travel information. This is inclusive of accommodation details and shopping malls in destination of your choice.

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KQ mobile

This is one of the many innovative Kenyan apps designed to help you to plan a flight accordingly.

News 24

With this app, you will get all the local and international news.

Standard digital news app

By using this app from the Standard Media Group, you can now catch up with the local and international news making rounds in the country

Nairobi X

Download this app if you wish to play a game that gives you a sneak peak of Nairobi in the future.


This app is designed to reduce the traffic issues in the country.

Date Kenyans app

This is one of the incredible Kenyan apps that is designed to help you find love in the country


The application will help you in book keeping for your investment group or Chama. It is much easier to use than the traditional book keeping methods such as excel sheets

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Certainly, there are many incredible mobile apps by Kenyans and for Kenyans that have the capacity to turn your life around.


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