Pros and Cons of Hiring IT Consultants in Kenya for a Startup

You confronted your fears, took a risk, and implemented your business idea. Your startup seems to be doing well with the client database growing by day or week. Why should you consider the services of IT consultants in Kenya? Is it better to hire a permanent IT professional and hand over all IT-related tasks?

Founders struggle with the decision of hiring consultants for various reasons. Accessing funds to start and grow a new business is perhaps the greatest challenge for business owners. Hence, founders do not prioritize consultancy services for start-ups. Some assume that such services are reserved for large companies.

Another misconception that hinders many entrepreneurs from hiring consultants is the notion that the services are expensive. As we will discover later in this article, hiring a consultant sometimes saves costs. Some founders are just unaware of the potential benefits of engaging consultants at the early stages of their business

If you are still unsure about this decision, let us look at the pro and cons of hiring consultants.

Pros of Hiring ICT Consultants in Kenya

Expertise and Experience

The top reason for hiring consultants is to get expert advice or services. Consultants have years of experience a field that you and/or your IT staff members have limited experience. You benefit from this experience and make the right decisions at the formative stages of your business. Many small businesses start without an IT department. Engaging a consultant gives you access to the same technical expertise that large companies enjoy.

Objective and neutral advice

Sometimes IT consultants come in to solve issues in your business such as a security breach. You may also hire consultants to audit your internal system including its performance and efficiency. The IT staff may have the expertise for such an audit but give feedback that protects their jobs. Consultants give authentic and objective feedback on ICT issues and recommend practical solutions. Consultants enable business owners to face inefficiencies in their business that they would prefer to ignore.

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Fixed upfront costs

Hiring a staff member is different from hiring a consultant. You may incur a high initial cost with a consultant for the expertise and experience. However, consultants give you the full cost of their services upfront. Once you meet the cost, you will enjoy agile technical solutions in your business without recurring costs. Compare the upfront cost with the cost of hiring such an expert with a monthly salary, benefits, and paid annual leave.


Are you worried about data security? Every business, whether small or large, has to plan for cyber security issues. The crimes have become sophisticated over time. Customers lose their confidence easily in a service provider after a security breach. Even with a well-equipped IT department, hiring external experts in data security is advisable. IT consultants in Kenya do not only follow secure procedures but also recommend the best security systems.  

Increased productivity in IT staff

One reason why you may be experiencing slow growth could be that your IT team is underperforming. Choosing the right performance metrics for such a team is difficult if you have limited knowledge and experience in IT. Most entrepreneurs fall into this category. IT consultants will easily determine if you have redundant human resources and recommend changes.

Happy employees

Imagine a working environment with the latest digital technologies and fast systems.  How much time will employees save when working in such an environment? The working environment is directly correlated with the satisfaction of employees. Analyse the technical issues that your staff members complain about regularly. If your IT professional or department has not solved them yet, it is time to call a consultant.

Cons of Hiring IT Consultants in Kenya

We told you that IT consultants give objective or neutral advice and Muva is not different. Hiring a consultant has a downside too.


The availability of IT consultants depends on the company or individuals that your firm hires. Some are available for 24/7 but most work within normal working hours. Hence, should your systems need quick attention during off-working hours, you will have a challenge accessing quick help. In addition, consultants allocate specific hours to each client and will not be in your premises all day for consultations. Be careful with the choice of an IT consultant to get reliable services.

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Lack of continuity

Once a project or contract ends, the engagement of the consultants ends as well. Some consultants offer help after a contract such as maintenance services but the period is limited. While you may want continuous expert services for your business but such an engagement with consultants is costly. The best approach is to hire consultants for a specific project and ensure that your team can run the systems after the consultants leave.

Knowledge loss

The moment a consultant packs and leaves your premises, knowledge leaves as well. You may not realise the loss until you encounter a challenge with the new technology. Internal IT experts do not have the same level of expertise. Otherwise, you would not have hired the consultants in the first place. Encourage your employees to learn as much as possible during their interactions with consultants. The right consultants are always willing to transfer knowledge to other IT professionals.

Budget constraints

The cost of hiring an IT consultant is low in the long term. However, the services of ICT consultants in Kenya may be beyond your company’s budget. Cost constraints limit many small businesses from upgrading to the latest technologies. Compromising the quality of IT services is not the solution. Identify the best consultants and then negotiate for a flexible payment plan.

Final remarks

Saving the best for last does not work in business. Invest as much as you can when building the foundation of your startup. The approach will you save high costs that other entrepreneurs incur when trying to deal with a crisis. Hiring IT consultants in Kenya is one way of ensuring that you get the technical bit right. Consider hiring other types of consultants as well if necessary. Success is inevitable with expert advice on the major aspects of your business.

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How ICT Consultants in Kenya Are Helping Clients Stay Ahead Of Digital Transformation

The technology landscape has been evolving over the years. The rate of change seems to have accelerated in the past few years. Before digital solutions were introduced, small businesses could survive without ICT consultants in Kenya. The case is different today.

Technology has a significant influence on results. Businesses are heavily relying on analysis and the latest technologies to stay ahead of competitors. IT consultants have a role to play in helping businesses adjust their strategy in a rapidly changing tech landscape.

Implementing a business idea is a tough journey. Some challenges like lack of sufficient capital and labor at the initial stages still limit entrepreneurs. The common approach among entrepreneurs is to learn as much as they can to handle most of the tasks in the business.

The strategy works for most departments except the IT department. Unless the entrepreneur has educational background in the IT field, staying ahead of technological changes is difficult. Consultants take off the pressure from entrepreneurs and enable them to focus on growing their businesses

The effect of digital transformation on businesses

Digital technologies are no longer just an option for companies. The technologies are a necessity for business growth. Customers and potential partners have already embrace digital transformation in other aspects of life. Hence, business owners must keep up with the trend or lose their most valued customers.

Mobile is one of the digital trends in the world of business. Customers interact with service providers on their mobile devices. Employees also prefer to work on the go instead of sitting in the office for hours. While some traditional operations must continues, companies must realise the role of mobile solutions.

ICT consultants in Kenya can advise businesses on how to move their operations from desktops to mobile devices. The process may be costly at first but the benefits are long-term. Mobile trends have also forced companies to redesign their websites and explore mobile apps.

Big data has become a common term in the digital world. Every critical decision that a business makes should be based on data. The task for managers is to generate, collect, and analyze big data. However, the greatest challenge is to convert the insights from data into tangible results.

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How do businesses transform insights or generate ideas from them that will lead to higher sales? Big data is only useful if it influences decisions. It is important for entrepreneurs to keep up with the trends in their respective industries. Competitors look at the same insights and trends. The trick is to transform data into strategies that work for a firm’s business model.

The role of social channels is critical today. The major benefit of social channels to businesses is that the channels provide an easy way to communicate and interact with customers. It is risk to rely on the traditional channels such as emails and chats in a digital world. The channels still play a role but they must combined with modern forms of communication.

Social channels also act as effective marketing channels. In fact, many customers today learn about companies and new products on social media. Hence, companies must maintain a positive image on social media platforms. Social channels provide a platform for employee collaboration.

Virtual teams are now a reality that business owners cannot ignore. Employees want flexibility working hours and conditions. Remote employees sometimes deliver more value to a business because of the reduced costs. However, they need the right communication tools to collaborate with other remote employees.

Another digital trend that businesses cannot ignore is cloud computing. The technology has enhanced flexibility and agility in businesses. With cloud computing, businesses use modern infrastructure in their operations at low costs. The main concern when shifting to cloud computing is the security implications.

The role of IT consultants in a digital world

Information on the latest digital technologies is readily available to entrepreneurs. Technology has made it easy for business owners to access information on how to grow their business fast. However, the challenge comes in choosing the right digital technologies for a business. The implementation of the chosen technologies is also a challenge to entrepreneurs.

ICT consultants in Kenya help a business choose and implement the right technologies. For instance, consultants can help companies chose the right cloud technology while considering data security. Digital transformation has invited many players in the market including data fraudsters. Working with consultants is important, especially when exploring new technologies.

It consultants enable entrepreneurs to focus on business growth. Entrepreneurs struggle with delegating responsibilities at the initial stages of building their business. The professionals may want to remain in charge of all operations and micro-manage everything. Hence, most companies start considering consultants after their operations expand.

The best approach when building a business is to get everything right from the beginning. The growth process is faster when the right technologies are in place. Consultants also offer business tips beyond the obvious technical advice. Hence, entrepreneurs should not consider the size of their business when hiring IT consultants.

In addition to offering customized advice to business owners, consultants help through the implementation stage. Employees naturally resist change, including technical change when they do not understand its benefits clearly. Moving users from a working system to a new system is a task, even when the new system is more effective than the old system.

IT consultants are trained to handle such resistance and train users in a way that they easily transition to new technologies. Some of the digital tools require constant updates. Consultants can handle such updates while employees focus on core operations. In addition, IT consultants save entrepreneurs the huge cost of establishing a fully equipped IT department.

Final thoughts

Digital technologies will continue to transform operations in businesses. Entrepreneurs cannot ignore the transformation or hold on to the traditional way of doing business. Following new trends requires time off work, which entrepreneurs and their staff may not have. ICT consultants in Kenya enable businesses to choose the right digital tools that suit their business model. The consultants help the businesses to adopt the tools in their daily operations and save the cost of hiring IT experts on long-term contracts.

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Cost of Owning a Website in Kenya

Website: the term in everyone’s ears well, Have you been thinking about starting your own site? Well, you need to think about costs first. Whereas you may have heard that such services are free, there are still some costs you need to consider. In any case, it is almost impossible to get returns for websites if you don’t pay for the process.  The best thing is that you will eventually get double for your trouble as ad revenue, affiliate sales and retail consumers become a reality for you.

What Does It Really Cost To Own A Website?

Let’s have a look at what you will be required to have so as to launch your online presence today!

Costs for Domain Name and Hosting 

There are innumerable service providers who indicate that they offer domain names and web hosting services freely. What they do not disclose is that there are other hidden charges that they will seek from their clients in the process. Alternatively, they will deliver sub-standard services, which will in turn affect your online presence. At this point, you will agree that it is easier and better to pay for website-related services.

At minimum, you will be required to pay for a domain name and web hosting services. The price charged will depend on the type of domain name you opt for. While some clients pay a minimum of 10 dollars per year, other will pay hundreds of dollars. Choosing the right service provider will help you avoid high costs and at the same time enjoy quality services. Again, the right service provider will advise you on the right domain name to take.

Costs for Web Design 

Having paid for a domain name and hosting, the next thing you need to think about is web design. Certainly, you will benefit more if your clients find an attractive website. Here, you have the option of going for free web design services. You must remember, however, that all you can get from such service provider is the basic design. The only issue here is that your website may not standout with such a design. It is for this reason that you should go for premium or custom design.  Though this may be costly, it will be worth it in the long-run.

Costs for Content 

Once you have design your site, the next thing will be to fill your site with content. With time, you will realize that your clients want informative and fresh content every time they visit your site. To clarify on this element, you can imagine of a client who visits your site, in one week, reads your content and is completely thrilled. They may return the following week with the hope of finding new content.  If you have not been wise to change it, your client will click on to other sites and may not return to view your content and products in the future. After all, there are enough sites on the online platform for clients to visit. Long story short, you need to pay for content. You may however pay minimal fee if you are able to write your own blogs and articles.

Just Find A Competent Service Provider!

Once you have paid for a domain name, hosting, web design, and web content, you will only be required to pay for site maintenance.  As you may have noticed, technology keeps changing and you must evolve with it. It means embracing newer and better ways of web hosting with every passing period, which may cost you some money. Remarkably, all these costs can be minimized if you talk to professional and experienced service providers. They are able to offer you the overall budget and at the same advise you accordingly. You could even get an opportunity to negotiate for the total price.

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