Why You Need To Try Muva Mobile Apps Development Solutions In 2016

Are you looking for a company that can deliver unsurpassed mobile apps development solutions? Well, you don’t have to search anymore! Muva mobile apps will satisfy every desire and fantasy you have about such services. More specifically, you must opt for the company’s apps for these reasons:

  • The end user will have secure and seamless experience

Muva mobile apps are not only stylish and superbly designed, but they are also user friendly.  Through extensive research, the company understands user behavior and thus, creation of apps with user’s perspective in mind has become a reality.

  • You will get Customized mobile apps

Whether you own a company or business, your needs will be varied n when looking for mobile apps. Muva mobile apps are designed to meet such needs. Accordingly, it is easy for you to reach to your target audience.

  • You will stand out from the rest

Innovative and unique mobile apps help you to stand out in clutter. Muva mobile developers understand this aspect quite sharply and will come up with apps that will give you the unique identity you have been yearning for.

  • Saving on costs

Muva mobile apps are designed to cater for all budgets. This is particularly important for startups and small businesses that are constrained financially. Note that regardless of the price paid for the mobile apps, you will get user-friendly and innovative services.

  • Functionality across the platforms

Typically, everyone seeks to reach as many people as possible using mobile apps. Muva comes in handy in this case, creating apps that helps you accommodate maximum number of the target audience. Whether the users utilize tablet devices or Smartphone, the app designs will be functional and appealing. Still, regardless of the operating systems, Muva has the ability to create sleek and elegant mobile apps.

  • It’s much more than mobile apps

With the ease at which people can take an online course in the contemporary world, you will be amazed by the number of companies promising to offer incredible mobile apps. However, you are in safer hands if you opt for a company that has the experience and that desires to create a relationship with you. That company is Muva! The developers have tons of experience in the field and have been helping innumerable clients to enhance their product delivery processes.

Clearly, you will never regret after trying Muva mobile apps. You will enjoy value for your money as you work with qualified, innovative, passionate and experienced partners.


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Top 10 Mobile Apps Development Companies in Nairobi

It is easier said than done is the saying clients utilize when they are doubtful of the ability of a company to deliver quality apps development services. The saying is used even more when clients do not research well on the service providers before contracting them. This must never be your story when searching for the best mobile apps developer in Nairobi. Just do your research well and while at it, consider contracting these companies:

The company has the experience, passion and skills to deliver mobile apps to clients in numerous platforms. Whether you are seeking for apps development for your android mobile phone and tablets, blackberry Smartphone, iOS devices, windows phone or even Java ME, the company will deliver superb services. It is also well known in delivering incredible website development and design

  • Smart Web Kenya

Located at View Park Towers, Utalii Lane, the company is qualified to deliver mobile apps solutions and website development and design. They have delivered services to a range of companies such as Waumini Insurance Brokers and Kilimani junior academy.

  • Trend Pro Systems Limited   

The company is known for software design and development services such mobile apps development and web development.  Its target clients are the startups and businesses.

  • Elan Telemedia Limited

The company offers web and apps design and development to a range of clients in Nairobi. Its experienced and qualified team aims at offering cutting edge solutions to the consumers.

  • Umptech LTD

The company is reputable in developing apps for both the desktop and mobile devices. It has been ranked well by companies such as Digital Ideas and Social Cloud Adventures.

  • TimeXTreasures

The upcoming mobile apps developers are able to develop apps for a range of platforms including blackberry and android mobile phones. One of the amazing apps that the company has developed is the Instagram-To -Do App; it allows the clients to easily share information via a text message.

  • Kenya Web Developers

The mobile app’s developers offer innovative and inspirational apps on all the major platforms. They also offer web hosting services.

  • Zoom IT Limited

The developers do not only provide mobile apps development to the Kenyan consumer but they also on ensuring that information is shared across different sectors in Africa. The major sectors under focus are security, education, agriculture and the corporate world.

  • Mambo Microsystems Limited

The developers are known for creating responsive, intuitive, updated and interactive apps for all platforms. They also offer other services such as web design and hosting. The company is located at Eaton building, Gigiri road, Nairobi.

  • Space Kenya

The developers offer apps development services with a keen focus on utility and location-related services. They also focus on entertainment and gaming. The company was registered in 2010 and has since penetrated in the Kenyan and the wider east African market.

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Clearly, there are many mobile apps developers in Nairobi who do not only deliver the services across all the platforms but who also offer other IT solutions such as web design development. Nevertheless, before engaging any of the companies listed above, it is critical that you establish facts such as the ability of a company to customize apps and develop a long-term relationship with its clients. Equally important, you must find out whether a company is affordable yet able to offer value for money.

Get that which is right for your business! You can get the best mobile and web apps developed for your business today! Contact Muva Technologies Ltd





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Pros & Cons Associated with Cheap Web Hosting Today

Is it possible to access web hosting services while working on a low budget? Well, there are numerous companies offering cheap web hosting services today. Nevertheless, there are various pros and cons of opting for such services and thus, you must evaluate them before making a decision.

Even before considering the idea of cheap web hosting, you must answer the question- Why would a company offer cheap web hosting?  Undeniably, web hosting is costly! A lot of resources are consumed as hosting companies try to access reliable internet bandwidth, electricity and disk space. As well, salaries paid to the staff and leasing a building is costly. However, a company will offer cheap web hosting services to the consumer for two major reasons:

It’s a marketing strategy.

Companies offering cheap web hosting would want to have as many clients as possible signing in for such services. They will, therefore, lower the price to woe the consumers.

It’s a testing period.

As the hosting company tries to test their ability to deliver superb services to the market, they will deliver them at a cheap price.

Pros of Cheap Web Hosting in Kenya

  • Saving your money

With cheap web hosting, you can channel your resources to other services such as web designing and site maintenance.

  • Learning new skills

If you are new to web hosting, you will be in a position to learn new skills such as blogging. You can also test your sites in this process and find out which of them will help you achieve your goals.

  • You can opt out at any time

You have a chance to terminate a contract at any time if you realize that you are making mistakes or that you are no longer interested in web hosting services.

Cons of Cheap Web Hosting in Kenya

  • Expect limitations

With cheap services, you may get limited features such as software scripts, root directory access and STMP email. In some instances, the resource usage will be limited by the hosting company. For instance, the disk space and bandwidth may be limited to the extent that you cannot upload some files or access your site at all times. Some of the companies will also decide to suspend your account without giving you notice.

  • Skepticism will reign

There is tendency to get suspicious when all the features and quality services are offered at an extremely low price. You may want to investigate and find out whether the hosting company is legitimate and reputable in the industry.

  • The unnecessary ads

Some of the web hosting companies will place ads in your site and hence make profit in the long run. This can be worrying and frustrating if the ads are not related to your tastes, preferences and services or products that you offer.





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Company Hiring vs. Outsourcing a Mobile Apps Developer in 2016

As the year 2016 ages, you may have realized that you need mobile apps in your organization yet have little or no expertise and experience in the field. The question of whether you should hire the experts or outsource the services may be lingering in your mind. As you make your decision, here are some of the considerations you must make:

    Company Hiring   

Hiring a mobile apps developer comes with a number of benefits. Foremost, the developers are more likely to be long term players than outsourced developers. By the time they agree to work for you, they will have considered investing all their energy and time towards the tasks at hand. Moreover, you can monitor their progress so that service delivery is flawless. On their part, apps developers will have a chance to consult you and get timely clarifications. New ideas are also likely to crop up as you have a casual conversation with the experts. Efficiency will thus be inevitable in this case.

Nevertheless, hiring a mobile apps developer can be costly. Such employees are likely to demand a high salary for service delivery. In any case, it can be daunting to convince the best companies to join you for service delivery.  Furthermore, a single company may not have all the skills required to offer unsurpassed mobile apps. For instance, an android developer may not possess language coding skills.

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Outsourcing Developer

Outsourcing for a mobile apps developer is advantageous in a number of ways. First, since the developer is utilizing their own resources, the process is less costly. There are also numerous service providers and as such, it is easy to compare prices and finally narrow down to an affordable developer. Still, the developer will have a chance of avoiding office distractions. As such, a company will get value for money spent in the process.

However, outsourcing for mobile apps developers has its disadvantages. For instance, it can be difficult to monitor the progress of service delivery to ensure that efficiency and quality is achieved. Still, unlike in the case of hiring a developer, it can be difficult to communicate with the service provider. As well, the developers are likely to bail out at some point and thus cause delays in service delivery.

Making the Decision

Clearly, whether one wants to hire or outsource a mobile apps developer in 2016, they will have to consider the pros and cons of the options. In some instances, one may want to ‘go hybrid’ and thus hire a developer and at the same outsource for some services. All in all, a company must choose a mobile apps developer who can create usable, plain and simple apps.

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Why Companies in Nairobi Require a Mobile Responsive Website in 2016

A well-designed website is a must-have for Nairobi Companies worth their salt. It is no secret that many clients in 2016 and beyond want to find product at the comfort of their homes or offices. As such, the internet marketing and advertising has exploded in the last few years. Nevertheless, having perfectly designed site is not enough. A company must go ahead to come up with a mobile responsive website. Why should this be the case? Well, here are some of the reasons:

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  • Everyone has gone mobile

Approximately 1.2 billion people access the internet using mobile devices. The numbers will most likely be skewed in the future. Nairobi-based companies must, therefore, be willing to reach these users by developing a mobile responsive website.

  • Mobile landing pages need varied strategies

A company’s landing page helps generate online revenue. Even so, the landing page for a desk top is different from that of a mobile device; most mobile phones cannot handle the same style of presentation as does the desktop. Accordingly, coming up with a mobile responsive website will enable companies to take advantage of the frequent purchasing behavior of mobile users.

  • Search engine ranking

Search engines such as Google have in the recent past favored mobile responsive sites. In some instances, Google has imposed penalties for companies that do not design mobile friendly sites.   To be on the safe side of search engines and to make significant profit, it is imperative that Nairobi-based companies make the necessary changes.

  • Getting social media referrals

A majority of internet users utilize their mobile devices to access social media platforms. For this reason, every company must create mobile responsive website and in so doing, their content marketing efforts will be worthwhile.

  • Becoming different from competition

Undeniably, many Nairobi-based company’s sites have not been optimized for mobile devices. As such, wise companies have a chance to differentiate themselves from the competition. In turn, they market their brands significantly and earn profit and good reputation.

  • Mobile users are likely to buy more

Mobile users are likely to make frequent purchases as compared to their desktop counterparts. This is because of the convenience of accessing the website. As such, Nairobi-based companies must reach these users and make profits in the ultimate.

Precisely, to make profit and attain high levels of sustainability, Nairobi companies must design their websites with mobile responsiveness in mind. Finding the best web-designers who can render such services is, therefore, critical.

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