Mobile Application Designers Revolutionizing Africa’s Economies in 2016

The most incredible mobile apps are built around the concept of user experience. A good designer will, therefore, do their research and understand the needs of potential clients before creating an app. In Africa, there are a number of designers who mastered this art and have revolutionized the economy in 2016 to a great length. Here are some of them:

The Kenyan based designers have been designing apps for many companies and individuals. Their products are known for functionality and backend features to help users manage apps effectively. Further, the apps are customized to suit user’s preferences. With the products offered by the company, any business person in Kenya can market their products well, achieve profitability, and help build the economy.

The designers create apps that assist small businesses to get into the online platform in split seconds. Just by following some simple steps, businesses can create fast loading and mobile optimized sites in an apps form.  Such sites are then marketed through the social media to ensure that potential clients can offer their feedback and stay connected. In the ultimate, the products offered by the company will help turn small businesses in Africa into profitable entities with an ability to employ thousands of people.

The Nigerian film industry has grown in depth and provided a means of livelihood for many Africans. Creating an app that informs the fans of such films is therefore worthwhile. In this light, the Fans Connect Online Limited has created the afrinolly apps, which enable users to watch their favorite movies from their phones. Interviews of the biggest starts in the country can also be viewed after downloading the app

Agriculture plays an important role in the growth and development of the African economy. With the M-Farm app, it is possible for farmers to get updated information of prices of various agricultural products and inputs. The CEO and founder of the app is Jamila Abass.

E-commerce has the potential to build economies in African and around the world. This is because of the convenience that comes with the process, coupled with the ability to reach to as many people as possible in a cost-effective way. Business people can, therefore, market their products at the local and international markets. The enhanced trade will eventually lead to more investments in an economy.  VCpay apps are designed to help clients in South Africa who have no credit cards or bank accounts to buy products on the online platform.

Offering loans to the entrepreneurs in Africans can help communities to raise their standards of living.  It is for this reason that Kpegba created an app known as OMobileFunding app, which is a mobile crowd funding platform designed to help people access finances for their ventures. The designer, who was born in Togo, is determined to change her country through technology and innovation.

Certainly, Africa will face a remarkable revolution as mobile apps designers continue to come up with products that will solve various issues in the economy. Encouraging innovation and creativity in the sector is, therefore, imperative.


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Top Trendy Stories You Need To Know About Mobile App Developers in Nairobi

Numerous mobile app developers in Nairobi have come up with incredible creations in the last decade. While the apps concept is still new in the consumer market, stories about successful developers have been trending in the social circles in the country.  Here are some of them:

Meeting the demands of the Nairobi population

The consumer in Kenya is seeking for apps that are developed for and by Nairobi residents. Accordingly, mobile apps developers Nairobi have trended by coming up with apps that meet such demands. One of such a developer is creation is the Twendeloo app that helps Nairobi residents to locate public toilet facilities close to them.

Mobile app developers Nairobi make millions out of their venture

It is now a well-established fact that top apps developers have millions of downloads, enabling them to make a living out of the venture. Specifically, some of the apps developers have recorded over 5 million downloads after one year on the app store.

Some successful mobile app developers Nairobi are below 25 years of age

Gone are the days when success was associated with older and experienced people in the population. In Nairobi, a new generation of entrepreneurs is coming up with amazing ideas and making it big in the industry. Such people include Andrew Mainga, who at 22 years of age has created ventured into apps development and created products such as The League and Capital Cities.

Mobile app developers Nairobi are willing to venture into the unknown

Jessica Colaco, a 27 year old student from Strathmore, created the first map of Nairobi. Notably, she ventured into the course even before Google created its detailed map on the city.

Creating platforms to help people tell their stories

Ory okolloh travelled to Kenya during the elections period. To her surprise, Kenyans turned against each other and the much-popularized and painful event, post-election violence, erupted. Having realized that people did not have a platform to share their experiences, she created an app by the name Ushahidi. The app has since been used to share stories and experiences after major disasters around the world.

Using apps development to push the patriotic agenda

Just like many Kenyans, Eric Wesonga realized that many people did not fully comprehend the country’s constitution. Yet, the document helps Kenyans to understand their fundamental rights. He then created an app that explains all the necessary details about the document.

Empowering others

At 19, Martha Chumo started her journey in mobile apps development training. Specifically, she launched the development school in Nairobi to help young developers understand the skill and apply it in their careers. She has since helped thousands of people, some of them being slum dwellers.

Changing the face of Africa

In the western world, the stories narrated about Africa are those of pity and misery. Such narration is being changed by mobile apps developers Nairobi, who have helped create amazing products such as M-Pesa and M-Farm. Through such apps, the world has acknowledged that the African mind has the capacity to innovate and solve tough issues using technology.

Ready to research and learn

It is almost impossible to innovate without doing extensive research. Mobile apps developers in Kenya understand this aspect and have thus applied it in their course. One of such developers is Cyprian Kabia- who is the co-founder of Mobile Life. The developer has created an emergency response app that aids consumers involved in emergencies. To come up with the product, he had to take rides in different ambulances; this helped him to understand the needs of the consumer during emergencies.

Beating all the odds

Mobile apps developers in Nairobi are known to channel all their resources and effort to make it big in the industry. One of developers who can explain such a journey is Wesley Kirinya. Being the first entrepreneur to create games-related apps, he did not have mentors and tools to help him through. He also had to invest in expensive books to understand the concepts. He, however, pursued his passion and today, his apps are well-known and loved in the gaming world.

Precisely, mobile app developers Nairobi are innovative, passionate, skilled, resilient, and experienced to create the best mobile apps. There are, therefore, no regrets if you engage them for service delivery.






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