Top 10 Trusted Mobile App Developers in Kenya

A good mobile app developer in Kenya should create a revenue-generating tool for your business idea. For this reason, people are looking for someone who can make their idea explode and make them a profiting entity.

By looking at the need in the market, there are companies that have gained a good reputation due to their commitment to quality app development in Kenya. These companies have mastered the skill of developing award-winning and user-friendly apps.

Each one of them has a solid foundation of top developers backed up with heart-winning strategies and exceptional technical skills. You don’t need anything else other than choosing one among them, particularly one that matches your specific business idea and needs.

Here are the top 10 trusted companies for app development in Kenya.

1. Muva Technologies

This company has a wide variety of app solutions meeting the needs of different clients. Muva develops applications for BBM, IOS, Java, Android and Windows phone as well. There is almost everything you need around the design and development of your app. Customizations are made based on your needs. More than that, the professionals will offer guidance to you if you are not conversant with the mobile app world.

2. TrendPro Systems Limited

This is a software design and development company based in Kenya. TrendPro Systems Limited provides user-targeted software for both established businesses and startups. They are experts in web development especially using Ruby on Rails. They have also established themselves in the mobile app development industry in Kenya with Swapp CRM Mobile app as one of their best projects.

3. Appological

Appological will not only develop an app for you but also follow it up and monitor how it is fairing in the market. The company makes applications for organizations and individual clients as well. They have offices in Nairobi and London. Among the key apps that they have created include Root Checker Pro and Betting Tips Chat among others.

4. Zoom IT Limited

This company has had a major contribution in the education, agribusiness and security sectors in Kenya in terms of app development. Through their expertise, the company has made agricultural activities easy, enhanced security measures and made education easily accessible.

5. Elan Telemedia Limited

With more than 6 years of experience in the industry, Elan Telemedia has established itself among the top trusted app development organizations in Kenya. The company has a team of professionals who are masters in apps design and development.

6. Smart Web Kenya

Smart Web Kenya started out as a web design and development company. Later on, the company diversified into the development of mobile apps mainly for android phones. The company has established quite a number of partnerships with several learning institutions and created learning and institutional apps as well.

7. Kenya Web Developers

More than doing web hosting services, this company has been at the forefront developing apps in Kenya and has, as a result, won the hearts of many. Most of their apps are inspirational and are inclined to conveying some positive message.

8. Litchman Consultants

A Nairobi-based Digital Solutions Company involved with the development of mobile applications alongside other website services. They are the minds behind such projects as Wakilipro and the Stock Brockers Research Portal among several other works.

9. Space Kenya

Any applications in the field of geography, mapping, location identification and allied aspects are in the heart of Space Kenya. More than that, they also develop gaming apps for use on android platforms.

10. Umptech LTD

Umptech LTD has also found a place in the app development industry in Kenya. They design and make applications for both android and windows platforms, serving different needs as dictated by their clients.

App development is a costly investment and therefore, making the right choice of uncompromised quality and delivery of your app is the best thing you can ever do. To be confident of your move, here are the top 10 trusted app developers in Kenya to choose from.

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