20 Kenyan Apps You need to know about in 2016

Top 20 Kenyan Apps You Need To Know

Kenyan apps developers are gaining the reputation of designing apps tailored to the country’s challenges and opportunities. It is for this reason that the country has become the epicenter for innovation in the African continent and beyond.

Here are some of the Kenyan apps you should know about:


The app offers you details about the prices of various agricultural products in the country. For details, send an SMS to 3535.


This is one of the Kenyan apps that offer you loans through your mobile phone.

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Launched in 2011, the apps assist you to diagnose any disease symptoms. You will also get information about doctors and hospitals in your area.


The apps will offer you amazing advice on taking care of cows. Whether you are looking for details about gestation, fodder or milk production, this app has it all.


The mobile money transfer app has have attracted inventors in the world. Launched in 2007, the app has allowed Kenyans to effectively transfer cash within the country.


This app offers you content updates from services such as My Yahoo and Newsgator among others.

Kenya basketball

If basketball is your cup of tea, this app will offer you information about major leagues in the country.

Real estate finder

Being able to find the best property in the country can be difficult. However, this app allows you to get details about the available properties for lease and sale.

Campus guide

This app is designed to ensure that you are not stranded when finding the right institution and course in the country.

Eazzy 247

The app is developed by Equity Bank. It allows you to access your account, pay bills and transfer cash.


This app is designed by Family Bank. It is designed to assist you in serving utility bills at any location within the country.

Kilimo Salama

Developed by Syngenta Foundation, the app offers you information on how to increase productivity in your farm. It also gives you data about changes in weather patterns in the country.

Explore Kenya

The app offers you travel information. This is inclusive of accommodation details and shopping malls in destination of your choice.

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KQ mobile

This is one of the many innovative Kenyan apps designed to help you to plan a flight accordingly.

News 24

With this app, you will get all the local and international news.

Standard digital news app

By using this app from the Standard Media Group, you can now catch up with the local and international news making rounds in the country

Nairobi X

Download this app if you wish to play a game that gives you a sneak peak of Nairobi in the future.


This app is designed to reduce the traffic issues in the country.

Date Kenyans app

This is one of the incredible Kenyan apps that is designed to help you find love in the country


The application will help you in book keeping for your investment group or Chama. It is much easier to use than the traditional book keeping methods such as excel sheets

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Certainly, there are many incredible mobile apps by Kenyans and for Kenyans that have the capacity to turn your life around.


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