Useful Mobile App Ideas for Start-Ups

You probably have been considering a mobile solution for your start-up, but cannot quite tell what you need your app to do. Scheduling? Coupons? Or is it to handle special needs? It can be very challenging to know what features to include in your app, particular those that complement your business. One way to go about is to identify developers that offer custom mobile app design in Kenya

The advent of the internet and technology has led to the development of high-tech solutions to both existing businesses and start-ups. It is no longer just about the quality of products and services you are offering but their accessibility too. Mobile apps are a great way of making your products and services accessible to many people geographically.

To remain competitive in the market, sales experts advise the acquisition of technology solutions by all entrepreneurs. If you are on the verge of doing so, here are some mobile app ideas that can inspire you to make the right choice for your business.

Mobile apps for real estate business

How can you add creativity and vision to the numerical part of your real estate business? Think of an interactive solution offering a wonderful user experience with all kinds of information as may be required. An interactive and easy-to-use interface will keep your clients scrolling the pages.

Imagine having a mortgage calculator built in an app making it possible for clients to request evaluations of their homes while being able to compare the costs of renting and buying among other aspects. At the end of the day, clients need a cost estimate to take the next step in acquiring or renting property. The calculator helps them make a quicker decision.

It is all about engaging your users and providing timely information. The advantage of getting a custom mobile app design in Kenya is that you can include the features that suit your customers. For instance, you can include push notifications on the app. Your clients will get real-time notifications of new market listings.

Another important feature for your real estate app is a rich and appealing design. If your app is appealing, clients will automatically think you have the best listings. Upload high-quality photos and videos of the properties you intend to sell. A great visual impression will lure app users to take action and contact you.

The world is no longer using the traditional maps but GPS. Consider including GPS integration in your mobile solution. The feature will enable users to view the exact location of every property that you post. You will need to prepare your team for impromptu visits from interested clients.

Hosting an informative business catalog

The art of selling is very diverse and the better you master it, the more likely you are going to be successful. Do not remain in the past where companies gave printed catalogs to shoppers. Companies are now adopting mobile solutions for their product catalogs.

Here is a good example. For Webb Wheel App, the would-be customers can get instant access to a lot of information about the product offered by the Webb Wheel Products, Inc. This perfectly makes for a great and informative user experience. Most importantly, you will find item descriptions and the company’s goods in action.

A major advantage of displaying your products on a mobile app is that you can update the catalog at any time. In addition, customers can shop directly from the mobile app and pay for goods. Muva offers payments integration in Kenya to enable your customers to pay for products on the app.

Mobile apps for Health and fitness

Health is a great concern to masses of people. You cannot run a business in the area of health and fitness without a mobile solution. People need access to information that can relieve their pain or prevent it from recurring.

Think of an app that does not only sell health and products but also provides accurate content. This is ideally what Fresh ‘n’ Fit did – allowing all men and women to feel fresh every day. There is a lot of useful content contributed by various experts around the universe. The featured experts recommend the best products to apply and remain sound on health matters.

Wearable technology has transformed health and fitness business, especially those that market their products online. If you are considering a health and fitness app, think about the platforms on smart devices. Imagine clients seeing your products or services by just looking at their watch or bracelet.

Another important feature in health and fitness apps is tracking activities. Users download fitness apps hoping to track miles covered, calories burned, and speed in each activity. The features call for an expert in custom mobile app design in Kenya.

Your Mobile App Developer

All these great ideas are happening in your neighborhood and you could easily get a solution for your business start-up. Ask the best apps developers in Kenya and you will get a very suitable solution to increase sales today. Your app will be customized to perfectly match your needs. A customized solution is important because we all have different needs. You just need to figure out what you want and then leave the rest of the work to the developers.


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