How to Market Your App: Important Tips From the Leading App Developers in Kenya

Whether you develop an app on your own or hire the best App Developers in Kenya, its performance will largely depend on your marketing tactics. Be realistic from the start. Millions of apps exist around the world in app stores. If you narrow down your search to one category, you are likely to find hundreds or even thousands of other apps. Hence, you must be creative with your marketing strategy to increase downloads. We offer a few tips to anyone struggling to get new downloads

1. Conduct market research

Most people associate market research with physical products. You need the same for your app. If you have already launched your app, it is still not late to conduct the research. It could be the difference between success and failure after a large investment. Start where you are even if you may need to change some of the features after.

The purpose of the research is to define your target users and their needs. Develop such a clear definition of the user’s persona to the extent that you can almost predict the next move. If your app is already in use, analyze the users’ habits including any complaints about its functionality.

For new developers, market research will help you develop a viable app idea. Real data helps you to determine if the investment is worth. Is there a need for such an app in the market? What are the gaps in the market? Does your idea fill any gaps or are you reinventing the wheel? Extensive research answers such questions.

2. Make your app useful

If your app is not solving a problem, you are likely to get a few or no downloads. While conducting your research, identify the target user’s pain point. The app does not have to be an extension of your website or online store. You can borrow a few functions but then create an app that solves more than one problem.

If users can only buy your products or services via the app, they are likely to uninstall it after purchase. Give them a reason to keep the app and open it daily. What tips or useful information can you share with the users? How else can they benefit from your app apart from learning about your company or brand?

3. Analyze your competition

We mentioned this at the start; app stores are flooded with millions of apps. However, that does not mean that the apps are solving all the problems in the world. App developers in Kenya are still creating new apps for the same population of mobile phone users. As you analyze your competitors, you will realize that even in a pool of apps, only a few are real competitors.

Check the features, functions, and reviews of leading apps. User feedback is also a good place to find the unmet needs in the market. You can narrow down your competitors to the top five for easy analysis. Find out why their apps are outperforming your app.

Analyze their marketing tactics and borrow some ideas that apply to your type of app. Check the pricing, pros and cons of their apps, and monetization strategies. You will certainly learn new ideas that will boost your downloads.

4. Create a unique brand message and style

At this point, you know the persona of your target users and understand your competition. The next step is to differentiate your app on the market. Create a unique branding message that will run in all your marketing campaigns. The message should state clearly the unique needs that your app meets. While we recommend that you analyze your competitors’ strategies, the idea is to learn and not copy everything the competitors do.

Look for a message that resonates with the users. It should be easy to remember to the extent that they recite it when your app is mentioned. Give a story of why the app was created instead of just stating its features. In addition, give the brand message a human voice. Customers connect with people and not automated voices.

Top app developers in Kenya recommend consistency in branding. Be specific with the colours, fonts, and design styles. We will discuss some marketing platforms in the next section. Your brand style must be consistent on all platforms. Users should associate an ad with your app with just one glance.

5. Use multiple marketing platforms

It is now time to make noise about your app. You have a unique branding message that every phone user must hear. For mobile apps, the best place to start is mobile ads. Your target users are likely to be browsing on their phones when downloading apps. Google ads are a good place to start. If you have a website, talk about the app as well.

You can create a microsite or mobile website for the app. You can also develop a full website or a dedicated landing page. Include a short video that displays the app features and functions. Teach visitors how to download, install, and use the app. Make the process appear seamless and most importantly, useful.

Social media is another great advertising channel that you cannot afford to ignore. Start by sharing the same videos on your site to social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. You need to brand your social media accounts or pages and spread the word about the app.

Guest posting is another way to reach more users. Prioritize news websites and other high-ranking websites or blogs. A link back to your site or a mention of your app will generate more views on app stores. Explore email marketing as well. Remind your subscribers to download and recommend your app to others. Look for ways to collect email addresses on all platforms and use them for advertising with the subscribers’ consent.

Our Final Thoughts

Marketing tactics cannot replace the need to offer a quality product or service. We have offered a guide to help you market your app. However, you must start with a good app for the tactics to give you results. A poorly-designed app will frustrate your marketing efforts. Work with reliable app developers in Kenya to improve the design and functionality of your app before marketing it. If users have a great experience when using the app, they will recommend it to others.

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