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The buzz around mobile apps is getting louder. Particularly, business owners people are realizing that making sales is as easy as acquiring a mobile app and utilizing it accordingly. However, there is an elephant in every room when it comes to choosing the best mobile app developers in Kenya for a business person.

Why is this so? Well, not every mobile developer in the market can deliver the expected results within a short time. Some take longer than necessary probably because they have not mastered their art. Others do not do their research well to understand the needs of their potential clients.

Another category of developers charge exorbitantly for the services. With all these issues, you can be stranded, and sometimes frustrated in finding  app developers Kenya.  This is where we come in handy!

What Is In For You?

You are probably wondering- how exactly do you benefit as a business person by seeking for our mobile apps services? Well, mobile apps offer you the easiest way of reaching potential clients with your products or services.

Anything that they ever needed will be found on your app. Your clients will remain excited and interested in your business as they view the app. You can even make offers that they cannot resist when you want to boost sales.  

Building customer relationships is easy with a mobile app. You have a chance to interact with customers every hour on  their mobile devices. People are addicted to their phone screens.

Are you tired of reaching out to customers without a response? Yes, customers get tired of mass emails and text messages. Mobile apps boost customer engagement with your products and services.

Mobile apps act as a social media platform for your business. You can ask questions and conduct simple survey on the app. All these come at low costs. 

Mobile apps also give better outcomes in promotions and marketing campaigns. As long as the app installed, notifications will prompt users to view the campaign. Potential customers can claim any discounts or offers instantly via the app.

Much More to Gain!

Additionally, mobile apps will enhance your productivity at work. You will stay organized at all times as you utilize apps, which in turn will increase your efficiency.

Even more, it becomes possible to inspire your workers to maintain some level of discipline and organization during work. You could even hire some competent workers using the best mobile apps

You increase the visibility with a mobile app. The convenience of reaching customers on their mobile devices also means they constantly see your brand. Do not allow your competitors to get ahead with mobile technology.

We Care

We understand your needs, and through extensive research, we already know your fears.  We are concerned about your financial well-being and your progress in achieving your business goals.  We are a team of competent mobile app developers Kenya with the necessary experience in IOS and android apps development.

Engage us today for more information, guidance, and tips on choosing the best app for your business.

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Top 10 Web Development Tips For Small Business Owners

Have you been wondering how to start a small business without spending an arm and a leg? Well, doing so is easier than you ever imagined! All you need to do is develop a website and design it in such a way that visitors, preferably your prospective clients, will start flowing in and buying your products.

The best thing is that in the modern world, many clients prefer to make purchases on online platforms. That said, you should be ready to pay a price for the best web design services in Kenya. Otherwise, you will join millions of people who have tried online businesses and failed.

What tips should small business owners follow when developing a website? Here are the most important tips:

1. Create a polished and professional logo

A well-designed logo speaks volumes to your prospective clients in the sense that they are able to identify with your brand. It will particularly be beneficial if the logo is placed prominently on the site. Use of a high-resolution image for the logo is equally important.

It is wise to link the logo to the homepage so that visitors will navigate to it without hiccups. A professional logo tells your potential clients the quality of services or products to expect from you. Consider hiring top web developers to design a new logo for your business website.

2. Optimize the homepage

Most of your visitors are likely to land on your homepage depending on your marketing strategies. What elements have you included on your homepage? Is it easy to navigate to other pages from the homepage? Is the experience seamless?

The homepage can include more sections than other pages on the site. However, you must pick the right elements or sections. The most important elements to include are an overview of your services or products, case studies, testimonials, and success stories. Other elements include useful resources, value proposition, an intro video, product features, and about us.

3. Do away with the clutter

It is easy to get caught up in uploading images, links and all sorts of information related to your brand. Even so, you may not be aware that you may be confronting the brains of your clients with too much information that they cannot process it well. The result will be confusion and a failure to focus on what is important in your website.

Hence, you must get rid of all the graphics, photographs, or any other content you deem unnecessary. Be sure to limit your links and options in the header and footer so that the client can focus on what is necessary. You must also create space between images and paragraphs to control user flow.

Hiring reliable web design services in Kenya becomes critical if you cannot identify the clutter on your site. Top developers will clear the clutter and include fresh content that keeps visitors scrolling.

4. Choose your fonts and colors wisely

When choosing your fonts, you must always have in mind the fact that users will access your website using different devices. Thus, whereas fonts may look sizable on a laptop, they may not scale well on mobile devices, which then makes them lose the desirable look. At the same time, ensure that colors are utilized strategically on the site.

Neutral colors are ideal if you want to create an elegant and clean impression. Remember that your colors must complement your logo and any other color used to create the fonts. In the end, your visitors will not only be able to focus on the most important content on your website, but they will also visit it regularly.

5. Review Navigation

You want your visitors to stay on your website as long as possible and order for products. You cannot achieve the same with a confusing website. Make it so easy for visitors to find what they are looking for on your site. A few seconds should be enough to find an item or information if you get navigation right.

Some of the factors to consider when designing your navigation bar include a responsive design and streamlined content. Part of the reason why you need to hire web design services in Kenya is to give users the best experience. The experience should not change drastically when a user switches to a mobile phone.

6. Optimize call-to-action buttons

Getting traffic to your website is one thing but transforming the traffic into sales is a different ball game. After reading about your products or services, what should the visitors do? Does your site give any direction or prompt visitors to take action?

Do not sit and wait for calls or emails without call-to-action buttons on your site. Include them in such a way that they are visible but not disruptive. Try to include most of the call-to-action buttons at the top and middle of the funnel. Otherwise, you will spam your website with too many buttons at the bottom of the funnel.

One important tip when designing call-to-action buttons is to help your visitors solve a problem. For instance, lead them to materials that relieve their pain points. You can offer video tutorials, webinars, price lists, or offers to meet different needs.

7. Add social share buttons

You can generate new traffic to your website from your visitors. Prompt visitors to share your content on social media by including social share buttons. You can reach the same visitors if they follow or connect with you on social media. Hence, it should be easy to access all social media platforms directly from your website.

8. White space is acceptable

You do not need to fill all the space with text and images. Leaving some white space is okay because it helps you break a page. Extra space improves readability and overall outlook of your site. However, you must be careful to retain a professional design.

It may be difficult to add white space if every page is full of content. The reality is that some of the visuals and links on your site may be unnecessary. As you clear clutter, think of the white spaces you can create on each page. Another important tip is to group content and then use white space to separate different groups.

9. Mobile optimization

We mentioned this briefly when discussing navigation and clutter. Most people prefer to access the internet on their mobile phones, which means that they will view your site on their smartphones. Hence, you must optimize your business website for mobile.

Before saving or publishing any changes on your website, check its outlook on a mobile phone. Most content creators will give you a mobile preview of your website. If you created a site without this tip in mind, it may be time to search for web design services in Kenya

10. Search Engine Optimization

You now have a responsive website with a professional design. Your visitors can easily navigate the pages and find whatever product or information they need. The next big question to ask is, will your target clients find the website on search engines?

A clear search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is important to help internet users find your website easily. The basic goal of SEO is to ensure that your website appears among the top search results for specific search terms or phrases. Luckily, you have multiple tools online to help you optimize your website.

The right approach to web development and design will usher you into a world of success and growth in your small business. If you still have queries on how to develop your site successfully, you may want to seek for the help of top designers in Kenya. Professional advice is particularly important if you lack basic web design skills.

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The Contest for Mobile News Apps Supremacy in Kenya

The phrase “I am proud to be a Kenyan” is often utilized when Kenyan citizens are thrilled by a local good or service.  It has specially been used often when the citizens see the milestones that the IT sector has made. The experts in the field have continued to amaze the population with thrilling products. It is particularly true if you look closely at the progress of the mobile application developers who specialize in offering masses news items. These professionals are not only working hard to ensure that Kenyans will get news at any time of day, but they are also competing to remain relevant in the market. The contest has become so tough that the feeble developer has no option but to be smart. In turn, Kenyans are a happy lot because they are receiving functional apps at an affordable fee.

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The Contest Is On!

Notably, all the major media stations are working with the developers to offer the Kenyan population news updates. Other developers work with the telecommunication industry players such as Safaricom to deliver the news. Adverts are being run in some media stations portraying the joy of the common “Mwananchi” receiving news at any time and in any place. They are saved from the hassle of travelling to watch news or even buy newspapers. This has automatically allured other Kenyans to get the mobile news application and benefit as well.  As this demand is being created, the developers are trying to come up with a better way of meeting it. This sets the stage for a supremacy battle for the professionals in the field. The best will win the hearts and the minds of Kenyans and make profits in the process.

Who is leading in the Contest?

One of the mobile news applications to watch out for in Kenya is Citizen News Kenya. It offers the consumer information on a range of news items. Whether they are seeking for entertainment news, political news or business news, this app will deliver. Another app worth trying is Kenya News. It also delivers the citizens all types of news at the comfort of their homes- from the entertainment, weather, to sports news. The other application is the Ma3route, which provides users with information about traffic and matatu directions.  Other news apps to watch out for are the standard digital and daily nation apps.

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Ultimately, as the contest for the mobile news apps continues, the IT sector will grow, the consumers will be well-informed and entrepreneurs will make enough money.


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How to Get Perfect Startup Ideas in Kenya

The rate of unemployment in the Kenya is worrying. In fact, the young as well as the old are accepting the reality that getting a well-paying job is difficult. In the meantime, they emphasis is being laid by different organizations and government agencies on starting as many enterprises as possible in the country. If you have been considering walking in such a path, you must come up with a unique idea in order to make it in the country. Here are some tips on how to get ideas for a startup:

  • Soul searching startup ideas

Understanding what you want from life is a good place to start when searching for a startup idea. The process starts with answering a number of questionings including-What is it that you want to get out of life? Are there things that you don’t want to see in your community? What is the motivation behind starting your venture? As you answer these questions, you are likely to get a pattern of responses and a crystal clear startup idea will be formed in the long run.

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  • Researching startup ideas

The most important part of getting an idea is to have all the facts right. To achieve this, research is critical; you will be in a position to find out if there are gaps in the market and at the same time get information on how to solve the problems.

  • Consider the resources at your disposal for your startup idea

Many startup ideas do not fail because they are not perfect. Rather, the owners fail to consider the resources available when getting into the ventures. Do not follow such suit but rather, consider whether you have the capital, special skills, work force, experience, time and the right connections. Put differently, you must have the capacity and resources to build an idea

  • The depth of the well matters more

You should offer a product that a few people need in larger amounts. This way, you will understand your client’s needs in a better way and at the same spend fewer resources. It also means that you will have a chance to expand in the market- slowly but surely.

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  • Get the feedback first of your startup idea

Regardless of how incredible your idea is, it should make money for you so that the venture remains sustainable. As such, before you commit all your resources in a startup, get honest feedback from the people around you to test whether your idea is feasible.

Precisely, it is possible to come up with actionable and profitable startup ideas in Kenya. All you need is to do research, focus on your passions and consider the available resources. You should also focus on the depth of the idea and seek for a different opinion.

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Positive and Negative Impact of the Social Media to Businesses in 2016

The modern media is no longer confined to newspapers, radio and television. Rather, it has evolved to include the digital platforms and the social media. Indeed, people can now get pertinent information just by logging in to their social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter accounts among others. While the businesses will gain have a lot to gain from the platform in 2016, they will also have to be prepared for the related negative impacts.

Positive Impacts

  • Disseminating information faster

Instead of going to a media station and waiting for days before an advert reaches to the targeted audience, the social media makes it possible for a business person to disseminate information easily and efficiently. If well advertised, vital information about a business can reach to as many people as possible within minutes. The end result is increased sales and profitability.

  • Understanding the needs of the clients

The response by potential and existing clients on social media is, more often than not, instant. A client who is not thrilled by a product will not only express their displeasure, but they will also give information as to what should be changed in a product. A wise business person will use such data to make the necessary changes.

  • More options

Unlike in the case of traditional advertising, there are different ways of packaging information on the social media platform. Using various techniques, it is possible to combine audio, visual and text to come up with the most appealing advert ever.

  • Beating the competition while saving on costs

A business can easily beat their competition by coming up with an aggressive marketing campaign. Using the platform, they can research on the rival’s strategies and devise different ways of advertising and marketing their products.  The best thing is that the course is cost-effective.

Negative Impacts

  • Difficulties of containing negative information

Misleading information can easily be spread through the social media. While a business person can track the source of the information and address the problem, it can be difficult to contain it before any damage is done. Specially, by the time a business person takes legal measures on the person or organization spreading such information, their reputation and profitability is likely to be affected negatively.

  • Release of confidential information

Accidentally, it is possible for a business to release confidential information about a client or regarding its operations. This will ruin a business competitive advantage.

  • Hacking

Many businesses have fallen victims of hacking of their important infraction by other businesses and malicious people. Confidential information can then be disseminated to the public, which may in turn affect a business’ reputation and competitive advantage.

Clearly, the social media platform has both the negative and positive impacts on a business. As such, ensuring that risk assessment and management is done in advance is crucial in dealing with the negative impacts. At the same time, businesses should take advantage of the fact that the platform has a capacity to help a business achieve profitability and sustainability in the long-run.


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