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Benefits of E-Commerce Apps: Best Programmers in Kenya Advise

Even the best programmers in Kenya sometimes have a hard time explaining the benefits of mobile apps to business owners.

Entrepreneurs with successful e-commerce platforms ignore mobile apps.

The problem is that the entrepreneurs do not understand the benefits an app could add to their businesses.

Let us assume that you jumped onto the e-commerce sites’ ship really fast. You built a successful online business long before mobile apps became a thing.

You are still earning well and wondering why everyone is running to apps. Let us talk further before you dismiss the idea.

1. Reaching a wider market

Look at popular platforms in Kenya such as Jumia or Kilimall. The owners started with e-commerce websites and made a kill. They still make money but have a gone a step further to create Android and iOS apps. The mobile apps have similar features with the websites.

The owners have understood that some buyers will always prefer apps to sites. Even with a mobile-responsive website and a flawless experience, the buyers will always result in an app. The market segment enjoys comparing prices and products on different apps.

We do not mean that you shut down your online store or give it less attention. We are simply pointing to some potential customers that you have locked out without an app. Your competitors may think of starting with an app but your e-commerce site puts you a step ahead.

2. Constant communication with clients

Online shopping means one thing to clients; shopping never ends with a sunset. You have probably experienced this with your e-commerce site. Some clients will wait until night to scroll through your catalogue to order.

What happens when they cannot complete a transaction after working hours? Customers know that you will not deliver at night. However, they expect to find help from your customer care staff at all times.

The beauty of an app is that communication with your clients is easier and faster. You get instant notifications on your phone whenever an inquiry is placed. The type of notifications you receive will depend on your settings. In short, you can get an immediate notification when an issue arises that need your attention.

The good part is buyers have the same convenience. You can stay in touch with both potential and real buyers 24/7. The SMS notifications do not just remind them of their orders or carts but of your brand as well.

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3. Creating brand loyalty

You have worked hard to build a strong brand with your e-commerce site. As mentioned, you are already a step ahead of entrepreneurs that go straight to the best programmers in Kenya for an app. The efforts to create an e-commerce site in the times of mobile apps are not in vain.

The same clients that you attracted to an online store are more likely to use your app than new clients are. Adobe conducted a study on mobile revenues. The researchers discovered that nearly 70% of online buyers prefer an app from a brand that they know. If their favourite brand has a new app, buyers will rush to install and use it.

The statistics partly explain the dominance of e-commerce platforms in the world of mobile apps. The same entrepreneurs that built e-commerce sites years back have taken over the mobile apps. You can have the same results if you step into the unknown and create an app for your existing customer base.

4. Faster speed

The best programmers in Kenya will tell you that mobile apps load faster than e-commerce sites. Even with the best development process, a mobile app is likely to load faster than a website. Remember that online shoppers are quick to run to another website when your platform takes long to load.

Sometimes the traffic to your online shop may slow down the loading speed. Kenyans are big on using mobile data bundles. The experience with your store will depend on the chosen mobile network. You cannot control their choice of a network but you have control over their experience with your business.

The pages of the mobile app will load faster. That means that most of your loyal customers as mentioned above will go to the app for new purchases. Think about the convenience of switching from one app to another.

The buyer must go to the app store, download, install, register, link a payment method, and then make a purchase. The process takes longer than waiting for a page on your app to load. Give clients the best loading speeds on both the website and app. However, you are likely to record higher sales on your app depending on how you market it.

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5. Cheap marketing platform

Online marketing is no cheap affair. The competition is high to attract internet users. Entrepreneurs that understand the power of digital marketing will give anything to reach their target audience. Where does your business stand in this stiff competition?

When we talk about a cheap marketing platform, we do not mean that your brand becomes automatically visible with an app. Here is the trick. Every loyal customer becomes a channel for you to reach their connections on social media. The same study by Adobe revealed that friends and family are the greatest influence on buyers.

You gain visibility and new leads whenever a loyal customer shares a link to your app or store. Here is another advantage. The best programmers in Kenya will include a feature on your app that allows users to share your app on social media.

Think about it. You spend thousands on social media marketing. Sometimes the results are disheartening. Your customers on the app become a free channel to reach thousands of their followers on social media.

As long as your products or services are of high quality, a satisfied customer will be quick to recommend your business. Even if the customers end up on your online store, you will still make money. The message moves from your current customer to new leads that you might never reach with a website.

What next?

We have told you about the benefits of having both a successful e-commerce website and a mobile app. The article highlights the top benefits but the advantages of mobile apps are numerous. Your next step is to analyse your business in light of this information.

Software development requires a good plan right from the features of the app to financing. Set a timeline for the new move and then contact the best programmers in Kenya. You will come up with a plan together to help you achieve your goal within the set timeline.

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